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12 Days China Tour To Yunnan And Sichuan Province: Chengdu, Yading, Daocheng, Shangri-la, Lijiang And Kunming

Tour Code: YNT_16
Deatinations: Xinduqiao, Litang, Yading, Daocheng, Kunming, Lijiang, Shangri-la

1. Tour Itinerary

Day 01 Arrival in Chengdu
Arrive in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province, meet at airport and transfer to a 4 star hotel. Dinner is the famous hot pot.
Day 02 Chengdu - Xinduqiao
Drive 320 km from Chengdu to Xinduqiao, overnight in Tibetan dwelling.
Features of this day: we start from the west plain in Sichuan to enter into Weilin Region through the expressway at first, passing by the "Rainy City"-Yan'an, then to get into the mountainous areas, here, you can enjoy the grand landscape of Mt. Erlang, which has been connected with the largest channel road in China covered with cement; also, you can clearly watch the powerful and majestic scenery of Mt. Gongga through Daduhe River Canyon, along the canyon,we'll get to the new city in this plateau--Kangding at noon; after lunch, we'll continue to come through Mt. Zhedu with the elevation 4,200 meters high above sea level, then we'll arrive at the first town in this Tibetan area - Xinduqiao.
On this day, you'll completely experience the great changes of terrain and natural sceneries to feel the quite differences from metropolis to Tibetan areas with changeable climate. Due to the development of transportation in recent years, the journey reduced to just one day from 3-day before, the clean and fresh air, the special Tibetan ethnic dwelling-houses and wonderful sunset glow will be greatly impressive on you.

Xinduqiao: A small town located 437km west to chengdu and 83km west of Kangding, at the separating point of the North and South Sichuan-Tibet highway, with Ganze in the northwest and Litang in the west. The town itself is nothing more than a stopover but the area between Zheduoshan and Xinduqiao features plateau pasture scenery of rolling chain of mountains, river valleys dotted with poplars, grassland, Tibetan villages. It's renowned as "the paradise of photographers", offering seasonal stunning views, especially in the autumn.
Day 03 Xinduqiao - Litang
Drive 250 km from Xinduqiao to Litang, Stay in Litang Hotel.
Features of this day: both the fresh air in the morning and pure nationality customs will be un forgettable for you, winding along the mountainous roads with brilliant sunshine, you'll feel so close to the sky because of the Mt. Gao'ersi gets an elevation of 4,400 meters high above sea level of Huiyuan. You'll find all landscapes are full in your sight of Mt. Dapao, Mt. Gongga, Mt. Daxue, and as if you've seen the horizon of Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. The bus begin to go down after winding on the plateau, and along the river valley, we'll get to Yajiang City soon; being suffered from an heavy earthquake in the late Feb., you can see the city's still under lively and busy construction. In a short time, the bus begin to wind along Mt. Scissors Bend, this's a long cross from the primitive forests to the broad prairie, we'll get to anther city of this plateau-Litang by dusk. Now, the Litang Prairie turn to golden-rimmed at sunset, with light smokes from the nomadic tents.

Litang: Lying in the surroundings of vast grasslands at an elevation of 4100m, 286km west of Kangding, Litang, an oasis between Chengdu and Tibet, used to be an important stage on the Tea-Horse Caravans Route, now is a stop on south Sichuan-Tibet highway, a simple pasturing area with bustling bazaar where the nomads and Tibetans gather to trade their products.
Day 04 Litang - Ya'ding
Drive 260 km from Litang to Ya'ding, Overnight in Chonggu Temple Camp.
Features of this part: in the morning, the sun shines the Litang Prairie, you'll see the nomads squeezing milk; soon, the bus's ahead for the stone-covered Mt. Haitsi, here's the most largest old glacier cap in the world, stones and lakes here scattered all over like stars in the sky are very special.
To experience and to enjoy the charming and quietness of Shangri-la in the snow-covered mountains surrounded by deep forests, Mt. Xiaan'nairi, Mt. Yangmaiyong and Mt. Xiaonuo Duji, these three snow-covered mountains are the fairy-land we dream of, and here, you can ride on a horse to enjoy all of these sceneries in the accompaniment of local Tibetan people.

Yading: A national level reserve in Daocheng County, in the southwest of Sichuan Province, China. Unknown to the outside world until the late 1990s, it is a mountain sanctuary and major Tibetan pilgrimage site comprising three peaks sanctified by the 5th Dalai Lama. The peaks are seen as emanations of the three boddhisatvas Chenrezig, Jampayang and Chenadorje, with Chenrezig being the highest peak at 6032 meters above sea level.
Day 05 Ya'ding - Daocheng
Drive 110 km from Yading to Daocheng. Overnight in Daocheng Guesthouse. After you leave Yading with deep affections to go back to Daocheng, take a "bath" in the spring, now, from the "dream" you always dream of back to reality.

Daocheng: Though popularly known as stopover on route to Yading, Daocheng itself is still worth a visit for the sights around. Located in the southwest border of Sichuan at an average elevation of 3800m, Daochang is full of discovery of primitive Tibetan villages, Buddhism monasteries and pastoral scenery brought by the rolling landscapes.
Day 06 Daocheng - Zhongdian (Shangri-la)
Drive 280 km from Daocheng to Zhongdian, Stay in a 4 star hotel. Running in woods and mountains, you'll feel as if you are still in the world of Shangri-la, so, after running across the Mt. Daxue, to continue to enjoy the interesting and beautiful stories about Shangri-la in Zhongdian.
Day 07 Shangri-la (Breakfast + Lunch)
Visit the Songzanlin Lama Temple, the Pudacuo National Park (including Shudu Lake, Bita Lake resort and Xiaji Resort.).

Songzanlin Lama Temple: Construction of the lamasery was started in 1679 and was completed two years later. The Tibetan Buddhist monastery occupies an area of some 33 hectares. It looks like a group of ancient castles and is composed of two lamaseries, and currently accommodates 700 monks in 200 associated houses. The monastery has many treasures collected from the past dynasties.
Bitahai Lake: Hidden in dense forest, the lake has excellent view and natural environment. Bitahai Lake is 3 kilometers in length and 1 kilometer in width. The lake is famous for picturesque landscape, limpid water, beautiful scenery, outstanding flora and fauna.
Shudu Lake: The lake is located 43km to the northeast of Shangri-La City. Shudu Lake is 3705 meters above sea level and is one of the biggest lakes in Diqing Prefecture. Now it has been turned into a highland pasture resort. The lake is shallow enough to be called interestingly "a place where one can fish with a wooden stick". The lake water is so clear that you can see the fish swimming around. One special fish in the lake is called the cracked-stomach fish for the crack line strangely running across its stomach.
Day 08 Shangri-La - Lijiang (Breakfast + Lunch)
Drive 180Km to Lijiang. On the way, visit the Tiger Leaping Gorge and the First bend of the Yangtze River.

Tiger Leaping Gorge: One of the longest, deepest and narrowest gorges in the world.
First bend of the Yangtze River: The upper reaches of the Yangtze River is named the Jinsha River, which originates from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The Jinsha River flowed southward along the Hengduan Mountain ranges and was forced to the turn to north because of the Alpine movements which caused changes in the earth's physiognomy. When the river reaches Shigu Township, it makes an abrupt turn and flows further northward, forming the rare V-shape bend.
Day 09 Lijiang (Breakfast + Lunch)
Visit the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, the Baisha Murals and the Ancient Shuhe Village of Naxi People.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain: The much famed mountain is situated some 15 km. north of Lijiang County, with thirteen peaks resembling jade pillars holding the sky, it stands majestically on the east side of the Jinshajiang River. The main peak, Mount Fan (Shanzifeng), is 5,596 m. above sea level, and is annually snowcapped.
Baisha Murals: Lijiang's murals are works of the Ming Dynasty, chiefly created from the Hongwu to the Wanli eras. They were originally distributed among the Juexiansi Temple and twelve others, nine of which fell to ruins. The remaining four temples have altogether 55 murals, with a total area of 139.22 sq. m.
Naxi people: Naxi literature is rich in form and content. Besides works by Naxi scholars and writers, there is a repository of oral folk literature.

Day 10 Lijiang (Breakfast)
Free day for you to explore Lijiang Ancient Town.

Lijiang Ancient Town: The county town of Lijiang is also called Dayanzhen, famous for its scientific architectural layout. Crisscrossed by crystal-clear rivers and meandering cobbled streets, it has a high research value and is a treasure in the field of urban construction in China.

Day 11 Lijiang - Kunming (Breakfast + Lunch)
Take flight to Kunming. Drive 90 KM to Lunan county to visit the Stone Forest. Back to Kunming in the afternoon.

Stone Forest: A typical case of Karst landform which was formed around 270 million years ago when the area was underwater. The movements of the earth's plates caused the limestone formations to rise then rain gradually wore down the limestone to make the peaks. This bizarre natural wonder creates countless labyrinthine vistas. Stone Forest has been listed as a World Natural Heritage status by UNESCO.

Day 12 Departure from Kunming (Breakfast + Lunch)
We offer 5 options for today's tour:
1. Tour to the Dragon Gate in Western Hills.
2. Tour to Haigeng Park by the Dianchi Lake, where you will enjoy the nice view of the lake and see many seagulls.
3. Tour to Golden Temple.
4. Tour to Bamboo Monastery.
5. Explore the Bird-Flower Market and Jinma Biji Archway.
A transfer to the airport for flight departing Kunming. Bon Voyage!

Western Hills: The mountains are located 15 kilometers west of Kunming; they stretch along the west bank of Dianchi Lake, creating a lovely view of water, mountain, and sky. Cut out of the side of a precipitous cliff, the Dragon Gate is made up of a group of pavilions, grottoes and sculptures that were hacked from the cliff between 1781 and 1835.
Golden Temple: As one of the largest bronze works in China (at 250 tons), the Golden Temple was first built in 1602 and recast 69 years later. It is located 7 miles to the northeast of Kunming. The Golden Temple Park takes up over 133 hectares on the Mingfeng Mountains which is commonly known as Parrot Hill, and it is lofty and sheer, with tree-sheltered ridges and peaks.
Bamboo Monastery: The temple is located on Mt. Yu'an which is located to the northwest of Kunming. It was first built in the Tang Dynasty (618-907) as the first temple dedicated to Zen Buddhism in Yunnan. The present structure mostly dates from the late Qing Dynasty (1644-1912). The highlight of the temple is the 500 of colored clay sculptures of Arhats.

2. Hotels For The Above Trip

Destination Luxury Standard
Kunming Green Lake Hotel New Era Hotel
Lijiang Guan Fang Hotel Wang Fu Hotel
Shangri-la Holy Palace Hotel Holy Palace Hotel

3. Tour Price

Please send us an email and provide the information below so that we can quote precisely for the above tour.
1. The number of adults and the number of children in your party. If there are children under 12 years, they can enjoy the preferential price.
2. Your approximate travel date.
3. The code of the tour that you are interested in. Each tour has a code, you can find it above - at the top of the page where the tour is.
4. Hotel choice for your tour (luxury or standard or comfortable hotels).
5. If you would like us to tailor make a new tour for you that is different from the above tour, please let us know your requests.

4. Quotation Inclusions:

1. Hotel Accommodation
The hotel is based on two adults sharing one twin or double standard room with private facilities. Solo travelers or those who want to occupy one twin-bed room of their own are required to pay additional charge of single supplement rate. A single room is subject to availability based on prior request at an additional cost; if the above recommended hotel is not available, it will be substituted by a similar one.
2. Meals
Daily American or Chinese breakfast at the hotel, Chinese lunch or dinner in local Chinese restaurant as specified in the itinerary.
3. Private Transport
Private transport between airport / railway station and hotel and all the sightseeing spots by air-conditioned vehicle. Separate arrivals and departures will incur extra charges.
4. Transportation Between Cities
The economic class air tickets of the domestic flight or soft berth/seat train tickets between cities as specified in the above itinerary. Airport construction fee and fuel surcharge are included.
5. Entrance Tickets
The main entrance tickets for the sightseeing spots mentioned.
6. Driver And Guiding Service
Driver and English-speaking guide service on normal sightseeing activities noted in the itinerary. Our guide will not fly with you from one city to another. Upon your arrival at each city, a new local guide and driver will pick you up, be with you for local tour and see you off after you finish the itinerary of each city.
7. Insurance
China Life Tourist Accident / Casualty Insurance. We highly recommend that you purchase full coverage travel insurance from you country of origin.

5. Quotation Exclusions:

1. Visa Fees
Charge of obtaining your visa to enter China.
2. Charge Of Arrival And Departure
The international or domestic air / train charge of arrival and departure.
3. Single Room Supplement
Should a twin room is needed by a single guest, supplement of the twin room will be charged.
What is single supplement?- The hotel is based on double occupancy. If the visitor travels alone or the number of the travelers is odd (such as 3, 5, 7...), who stays in one single room has to pay the single room supplement. As the hotel is on double occupancy.
4. Personal Expenses
Expenses of a personal nature such as laundry, drinks, fax, telephone call, optional activities or sightseeing, overweight baggage charges or any meals not specified in the itinerary, ect.
5. Optional Programs
Optional programs which are not specified in the above itinerary.
6. Tips
Tips depending on the service of your guide and driver, entirely voluntary.
7. Extra Cost
Any extra cost caused by changes of natural disasters, fires, weather, governmental and local authority orders, political change, strikes, war, riots, quarantine, custom regulations, damages or injury caused by accident beyond the control of us and that has incurred due to the tourist action violating the laws.


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