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Home >> Tiger Leaping Gorge tourist information

Tiger Leaping Gorge

Tiger Leaping GorgeTiger leaping gorge, in DiQingZhou shangri-la county in yunnan, lijiang jinsha river upstream, 60 km in distance is one of the world's deepest canyon.The canyon in the jinsha river upstream, 18 km, points on the tiger jump, jump tiger, the tiger jump in three parts, and taking 25 km wide road, east of jade dragon snow mountain, west of diqing khabarov snow mountain, canyon vertical drop 3790 meters, is one of the world's deepest canyon. encircling the narrowest place, only about 30 meters, according to legend tigers down the mountain, the water of the mi low river rocks slightly one feet, can fly across the, so called tiger leaping gorge.

Tiger leaping gorge, have always is famous for its "risks". Here is first and foremost ShanXian. On both sides of the canyon, there are high mountains, long East jade dragon mountain, at the age of cloud Dai Xue, YinFeng day, main peak elevation 5596 meters, hillsides, rocky tablets I, old vine intertwining, foothills rise steeply, until recently, HuXiaoYuanTi, Wolf leopard; West khabarov snow-capped mountains, eventful redundant, mountainside terraced, bottom of steep cliffs. Higher than that of west mountain, 3000 meters above the river. Domestic three gorges, he spectacular, river and peak height difference, it is only 1500 meters; Hell valley in the United States, the world famous, the biggest difference, is only 2400 meters, the depth of it, can see! Tiger leaping gorge is not only a deep and narrow, and many parts of twin peaks for us, such as door ajar; Into the valley, to see day to sew, see a dragon river; Head cliffs, foot in the torrent, terrifying. Followed by Marine insurance, due to the fault rock collapse, causing countless Shi Liang drop, and on both sides of the slope steep, stand like a wall of rocks, rock weathering, rock collapse the bottom, often form the river rocks, jagged, rapids, waterfall and assemble. From tiger leaping gorge to the gap, Yunnan tours to Lijiang Tiger Leaping Gorge gap of 210 meters, an average of 14 meters per kilometer, the river there, a lot of paragraphs, six to eight metres a second. Thus water situation, changing, or crazy chi came in gusts, stone, water shock, roaring, xuelang swirls or thrown into a waterfall and roar, fog, emptiness. A rare scenic wonders of the world.

Tiger leaping gorge valley all risks. This is sailing to bring inconvenience, but the "risks" contains a kind of beauty, a breathtaking grandeur, attracted domestic and foreign tourists to this secluded spot in search of adventure. If from lijiang great into the gorge, platform, around along the path to the foothills, the tiger jump. On both sides of the line of stand like a wall, in the river of 30 meters wide, also the tiger jump stone stand four or five meters high. River water pour down from both sides, like a tiger down the mountain, speed, shot, spray into the valley roar, spectacular.

River hill, along the middle of one side of the winding mountain path climbing up, there is a small village on a steep hillside, called "walnut garden", and more residents to slab. Pedestrians to tiger leaping gorge, often in the night does not have amorous feelings of mountain villages. When the night, in the burning all lie down and rest, river pentium, strength of Jiang Feng and the pines sound mix, make the person feels vaguely shock waves of gorges and shaking, as if sleeping in a sailing boat in waves, there is a kind of abnormal fresh feeling.

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