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Mountains In Yunnan

Gaoligong MountainYunnan is called the kingdom of mountains. The major mountains in the east highlands are the Jiaozi Mountain, the Wulian Mountain, the Wumeng Mountain, the Liangwang Mountain, the Gong Wang Mountain, the Niushou Mountain, the Liushao Mountain, etc. In longitudinal valley of the Hengduan Mountains, there are many high mountain ranges: the Gaoligong Mountain, the Nushan Mountain, the Yunling Mountain, etc. The northern part of the valley is characterized by high mountains and thick woods, while the southern part is an extension of the Hengduan Mountains. In the southern pare, there are mainly the western branches of the Gaoligong Mountain, the Great Snow and Ban- gman mountains (extensions of the Nushan Mountain), the Ailao Mountain(an extension of the Diancang Mountain,which is the southern part of the Yunling Mountains), the Wuliang Mountain (an extension of the Yulong Snow Mount- ain, which is the eastern part of the Yunling Mountains). In Yunnan, there are chiefly 30 mountains at an altitude of over 2,500 meters. Among them, the mountains are the following.

The Gaoligong Mountain: It is located in the utmost west of the Hengduan Mountains. The highest peak Gawagapu is 5,128 me-ters above sea level. The morthem part of the mountain is within Nu-jiang Prefecture, about 4,000 meters above sea level on the average; the central part, 3,000 meters above sea level, is the boundary mountain of China and Burma and it is the watershed of the Irrawaddy River and the Nu-jiang River; in the western slopes of the southem part, there are the block basins and the famous Tengchong volcanoes. The Gaoligong Mountain abounds in rare animals and plants and is a national nature reserve.

The Nushan Mountain: Situated in northwest YuNan, the Nushan Mountain is the southem extension of the Tanggula Mountains, the boundary mountain between YuNan and Tibet and the watershed of the Nujing River and the Lancang River.

The Yunling Mountain: It is the most widely scattered mountains in YuNan and the watershed of the Jinsha River and the Lancang Riv-er. The mountain abounds in rare animals and plants, and the most important forests are located there. All these as well as the beautiful peaks make it a proper place for sightseeing, adventurous tour and sci-entific research. The southern part, the Diancang Mountain, is located within Dali prefecture, and is 20 kilometers in width and 50 kilometers in length from the south to the north. This mountain is known to visi-tors from home and abroad as a scenic spot for its 19 peaks, 18 brooks, glacial erosion lakes, abundant resources of marble and plants as well as sightseeing landscapes. The Yulong Snow Mountain, situated in Li-jiang county, is the eastern branch of the There are 13 snow-capped peaks from the south to the north, among which Peak Shanzidou look like a white jade dragon and is 5,596 meters above sea level and over 40 kilometers long, and 20 kilometers wide. Ar the northern foot is the Yulong Lake where China's contemporary glaciers at the lowest latiudes are formed. The scenery of the Yulong Snow Mountain varies with the changes of the weather and the seasons, which cannot be found elsewhere in Yun-nan Province. Besides, the Ancient City of lijiang boasts of its won-derful ethnic culture. Because of these, Yulong Snow Mountain is graded as one of the key scenic spots at state level.

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