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Home >> China Tours >> Yunnan Tours >> Kunming Tours >> Trips Travel To Lufeng Dinosaurs Valley & Dinosaur Fossils Museum
Kunming tour map

1 Day Kunming Tour To Lufeng Dinosaur Valley

Tour Code: KM_10
Destination: Kunming

1. Tour Itinerary

Day 01

Kunming - Lufeng - Kunming (Lunch)
Our guide will meet you at your hotel lobby. Drive 83 km from Kunming to Lufeng which takes 1.5 hours, visit the Lufeng Dinosaur Museum and Lufeng Dinosaurs Valley Park, you will see the biggest Dinosaur Fossils in the world and you will be surprised by the number of skeletons put up in the great halls of Lufeng Dinosaur Valley, a truly reproduced Jurassic Paradise, definitely worth a visit! After the tour, drive back to Kunming.

Lufeng Dinosaur Fossils: In China and even the world, Lufeng is the area where dinosaur fossils were discovered and unearthed in the greatest quantity, most complete skeletons and richest species. Lufeng is the site of numerous Jurassic dinosaur discoveries, first found there in 1938. Most well known is Lufengosaurus, a Jurassic prosauropod. More recently, teeth and a skull of Ramapithecus, a Miocene period primate related to the orangutan, have been found in Lufeng. The Lufeng Dinosaur Museum includes the hall of ancient living beings where four complete dinosaur skeletons ranging from 2.4 meters to 9 meters in length are on display. In addition, there is a display of photographs and diagrams of dinosaurs from around the world. The museum includes the hall of ancient bronzeware and earthenware and the hall of ancient Pithecanthropus.

The dinosaur valley has been opened for visitors since 2008. Visitors to it are usually impressed with "Five Tops" and "Five Mysteries".

Five Tops
1- Lufeng Saurischia, the most ancient and primitive vertebrate fossils in the world;
2- Lufeng dinosaur fossils have the richest species in the world;
3- Lufeng has the biggest dinosaur fossils conservation in the world;
4- Lufeng has the highest density of Dinosaur fossils in the world;
5-Lufeng dinosaur fossils have the best integrity in the world;

Five Mysteries
1- The highest density. Why are unearthed fossils here so large in number? What brought them together?
2- The mysteries of time spans. On the hillside of 240 square meters in the same zone, there are lots of herbivorous and predatory dinosaur fossils of 240 million to 65 million years ago, spanning eras of Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous. Why could these fossils be reserved?
3- The mystery of reproduction. A great number of dinosaur fossils have been discovered in Lufeng. However, not any dinosaur egg has been discovered. How did these dinosaurs multiply? Are they viviparous animals?
4- The Mystery of collective extinction
5- The mystery of the Orienting. All the dinosaur fossils are found with their head eastwards. Why? And what happened in the east?

2. Hotels For The Above Tour
This tour without hotel.

3. Tour Price

Please send us an email and provide the information below so that we can quote precisely for the above tour.
1. The number of adults and the number of children in your party. If there are children under 12 years, they can enjoy the preferential price.
2. Your approximate travel date.
3. The code of the tour that you are interested in. Each tour has a code, you can find it above - at the top of the page where the tour is.
4. If you would like us to tailor make a new tour for you that is different from the above tour, please let us know your requests.

4. Quotation Inclusions:

1. Meals
Chinese lunch or dinner in local Chinese restaurant as specified in the itinerary.
2. Private Transport
Private transport between hotel and all the sightseeing spots by air-conditioned vehicle.
3. Entrance Tickets
The main entrance tickets for the sights mentioned.
4. Driver And Guiding Service
Driver and English-speaking guide service on normal sightseeing activities noted in the itinerary. Our guide will not fly with you from one city to another. Upon your arrival at each city, a new local guide and driver will pick you up, be with you for local tour and see you off after you finish the itinerary of each city.
5. Insurance
China Life Tourist Accident / Casualty Insurance. We highly recommend that you purchase full coverage travel insurance from you country of origin.

5. Quotation Exclusions:

1. Visa Fees
Charge of obtaining your visa to enter China.
2. Charge of arrival and departure
The international or domestic air / train charge of arrival and departure.
3. Hotel Accommodation
4. Personal Expenses
Expenses of a personal nature such as laundry, drinks, fax, telephone call, optional activities or sightseeing, overweight baggage charges or meals not indicated, ect.
5. Optional Programs
Optional programs which are not specified in the above itinerary.
6. Tips
Tips depending on the service of your guide and driver, entirely voluntary.
7. Extra Cost
Any extra cost caused by changes of natural disasters, fires, weather, governmental and local authority orders, political change, strikes, war, riots, quarantine, custom regulations, damages or injury caused by accident beyond the control of us and that has incurred due to the tourist action violating the laws.

Lufeng Dinosaur Fossils Dinosaur Fossils Museum
Lufeng Dinosaur Fossils
Dinosaur Fossils
Dinosaur Museum, Lufeng Dinosaur Museum, Lufeng
Dinosaur eggs fossils Dinosaur eggs fossils
Lufeng Dinosaur Park
Lufeng Dinosaur Valley
Lufeng Dinosaur Park
Lufeng Dinosaur Valley
Lufeng Dinosaur Park
Dinosaur Fossils, Lufeng
Lufeng Dinosaur Park
Lufeng Dinosaur Park
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