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PudacuoPudacuo National Park is located in northwest Yunnan Three Parallel Rivers world natural heritage in the heart by Bita Lake Nature Reserve Wetlands of International Importance and the Three Parallel Rivers world natural heritage Red Mountain Lake Area seok have two parts, in Bita, Shuo are lakes and villages Xiagei Tibetan culture as a major component, but also one of the main attractions of La tour. Altitude between 3500-4159 meters, is a provincial nature reserve, is the Three Parallel Rivers an important part of the scenic area.

Pudacuo National Park has a geological landforms, lakes and wetlands, forest meadows, valleys, streams, and other rare animals and plants, the original ecological environment intact. 22 km away from the Shangri-La County, with a total area of about 300 square kilometers. Pudacuo National Park is a fairy tale world without any pollution, water quality and air quality meet the national standards for a class, the lake clear, blue sky, the sound of water contained Tao, birds with flowers, is the best net self-cultivation and edifying domain. Here Zhongdian Shangri-La tour is a paradise for photographers, varied scenery throughout the year, can be a very good film.

Pudacuo scenic rainfall, pleasant climate. Sometimes misty clouds, when hidden, like a fairyland, sometimes clouds and fog, like clouds in general, interesting. Such natural conditions, making the plants grow lush, abundant vegetation, if that is a natural botanical garden. In addition, there are many fault scarp, woods and streams, Deep Canyon and other unique little scene staggered distribution, with a high value of Geographical Sciences and Tourism ornamental value.

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