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Home >> Napa Lake travel guide and tours

Napa Lake

Napa LakeAccording to La Prairie scenic Napa is the only access to the Shangri-La County approved the development and protection of scenic Napa Reserve. Spring is the largest ranch northwest Yunnan. Provincial Nature Reserve, 2004 was included in the list of wetland of international importance.

National AAA tourist scenic spots. Napa Tibetan called Napa measures, the Chinese word for forest behind the lake, and according to La Prairie as a whole. Napa County is located in the northwest of the Shangri-La, 6 km from the county seat, is a seasonal alpine lakes, Yunnan Province is a rare sub-tropical mountain meadow marshes and swamps. It is surrounded by mountains, peaks 3800-4449 meters above sea level, south and build embankments connected. A lot of water in late summer, plus the Green Dragon, naltrexone river, Wang Song river injected a large area of ??the lake, clear water up to the maximum of thousands of hectares. Distributed around the lake have nine sinkholes, thus escape the lake, through Indonesia Tangman River, five border Jiren River empties into the Jinsha River. To the winter season, the lake narrowed, rippling lake becomes large swamp meadow - according to La Prairie, is the largest spring pasture in Yunnan.

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