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Home >> Wuchidao Scenic Area travel guide and tour

Wuchidao Scenic Area

Wuchidao Scenic AreaFive Foot Road, also known as Dian Bo Road, Bo Road, is connected with the mainland Yunnan oldest Guan Dao, is connected with the ancient Han Bo people Chuandian built. Qin five feet, the construction of Dujiangyan Li Bing and his son plot salary burned rock, going through hardships to build out this Southern Silk Road - five feet ; Now save the full length of 350 meters, 170 meters wide road pavement retained depression Horseshoe prints 39, some as deep as 3,4 inches. Existing five feet primarily located in Yibin, Sichuan and Yunnan tour packages to Zhaotong other places, such as hummus off Yanjin County.

Hummus off the surrounding scenic area also gathered a few scenic spots ; these, 50 km mark berberine group from River Falls hummus town, full speed road, at the exit of maliu Bay to the direction of travel to reach the mark in Zhaotong Prefecture, waterfalls located in the large off the southeast side of town, close to 213 national Road, an area of 42 square kilometers, the area to the different attitude, beautiful waterfalls as its main features.

A radius of 5 kilometers of the main tourist areas there are more than 40 waterfalls, big 14, especially the unique wonderful big skateboard, curtain corridor and other landscapes, attractions and more tourists are willing to participate in recreational activities, in addition there are underground caves - White Elephant Cave, Qifeng cliffs, jungle flowers, temple attractions, Miao style landscape, mountain, water, forest, cave integration, with steep, show, odd, quiet splendid sight. The scenic area is the main tourist attractions mark, but also to carry out tourism, recreation, recuperation holiday resort. The main attractions are: antiphonal singing waterfall, double waterfall welcoming, happy waterfall, water stage, joking waterfall and waterfall duck, curtain gallery, big skate, girls waterfall, waterfall lover, white elephant dong ; This scenic area is now in the renovated building, will be re- opened in May 2010. Dashanbao 197 kilometers from Zhaotong hummus town.

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