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Home >> Tuogu Mosque tourist information

Tuogu Mosque

Tuogu MosqueOne of the ten mosques in Yunnan Province. Yunnan provincial key cultural relics protection units. Yunnan Province, the famous temple. Ludian county drag Regardless LUDIAN mosque located ten kilometers east of Taoyuan Township in tow winding jade Regardless office. Temple built before Yongzheng eight years (1730), the entire temple from the main hall, wake floor, no tired Church, after kiosks, rooms, water room, screen wall, etc., a total of Hall, Pavilion, Pavilion House, more than 30, the size of the patio 4, covers an area of four thousand square meters. Temple four Zhou Liangtian surrounded embankment winding, shady trees, surrounded by fields outside the hills, quiet environment. The main hall 13 meters high, 18 meters long, 15 meters wide by 36 cylindrical support, temples carved beams, the whole house of worship can accommodate 300 people.

Drag a total area of 4000 square meters regardless of the mosque, temple building process with its unique, historic and famous, is a provincial key cultural relics protection units. Regardless drag mosque is located in Taoyuan Township jade plate at the edge of the hill. Jade winding four weeks surrounded by paddy fields, field ditches staggered outside, criss-cross paths. Regardless of the mosque in order to build sophisticated drag historic known full Yunnan. Regardless drag mosque unique style of architecture, none in Zhaotong hundred mosques in the region; their long history, in Yunnan Province, the "ancestral temple," said. Building skills talent, no nails, no wedge, no deduction, scientific and reasonable structure, after several vicissitudes, several earthquakes, no tilt collapse, it is amazing.

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