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Home >> Shimen Impregnable Pass travel guide and tours

Shimen Impregnable Pass

Shimen Impregnable PassAfter Shimen is five feet first into Yanjin lock and key southern Yunnan, throat West Sichuan, the natural barrier impregnable, which is located twenty-one km southwest of Yanjin County, off a cliff on the north bank. Also known as hummus off history. Tang Yuan Zi Title cliff cliffs. In 1963 the construction of wind and rain protection Pavilion, is now the third batch of national key cultural relics protection units.

Monument engraved text. As risk -related Shimen impregnable cliffs, there is a monument of three such, can provide accurate facts for you a more comprehensive understanding of Shimen impregnable. The most famous one is the national key cultural relics protection units, but also the soul of Shimen Xiongguan is Tang Yuan Zi Tang Mo cliffs of stone inscription, now repair a pavilion protection, inscriptions usually are locked off to Shimen Xiongguan mostly directed at people who enjoy Kunming travel to this point, where a dedicated staff management, through the inscription read, you can learn about that part of Don southwest Yunnan, especially on the history of political governance, and to fully understand the role of major historical and cultural value of this inscription.

Guanyin Pavilion in front of the other two, these two monument made of red bean paste with big Shimen more comprehensive introduction, is to introduce a natural beauty with big wind Shimen attractions, listing the Shimen Xiongguan infinite in the awesome scenery and magical beautiful legend, given will take you to a transcendent natural environment to feel this majestic momentum and Shimen with big natural magic Weili. Another piece is introduced with big leap Shimen history through the millennia of history, Shimen Xiongguan witnessed historical events experienced by more rolling past millennium, all in the inscription, it wanders in Shimen not disappearing over with big stories, so that future generations gone vicissitudes of recollections years.

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