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Home >> Mopanshan National Forest Park sightseeing tours

Mopanshan National Forest Park

Mopanshan National Forest ParkMopanshan National Forest Park in shape as a result of disc named. Mopanshan National Forest Park is located in Xinping Yi and Dai Autonomous County southeast. 20 km from the city of Xinping County. Highway 218 through the line Kun Yu, Yu Yuan direct access to the highway, just three hours away.

Mopanshan is Kunming tours of recent sub-humid evergreen broad-leaved forest in Zhongshan primary and secondary virgin forest area, Mopanshan with increasing altitude, while showing the vertical distribution of plants with, has a higher research, teaching and development of eco-tourism value. There are flowers open all year round, especially in diverse varieties of azaleas is unique, alpine meadows, forests lakes, clouds and fog, Rare animals, constitute a unique landscape of the park, is one of the boutique scenic new flat.

Mopanshan twelve peaks above, there are eleven Springs Creek, a poem in praise cloud has Yudai places cloud sunny summer and winter snow Ji screen shade. Beautiful landscape seasons, spring, azaleas, camellias, smiling, Primula and other flowers have opened, contests, and constitutes a brilliant flowers spectacle. Mopanshan 1992 was listed as a national -level forest park is a beautiful scenic spot. 1260 to 2614.4 meters above sea level, steep mountains stack, branch Kawasaki show odd summer sunny places have jade clouds, snow and winter Ji screen shade. Yunnan is located in the southern edge of the plateau, Ailaoshan east, Yuanjiang River Valley. Mopanshan is Kunming recent sub-humid evergreen broad-leaved forest in Zhongshan primary and secondary virgin forest area, its stumpage 443,059.2 cubic meters, the forest coverage rate reached 64.2%, 83.4% of total Canadian bush, a total area of 242 square kilometers.

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