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Home >> Matou Mountain sightseeing guide

Matou Mountain

Matou MountainMatou Mountain located in the southern Yimen total area of 38 square kilometers. Easy Door County described Matou Mountain ancient mountains: scarps a thousand yards, on a heavy night, overlooking the peaks, the color green, hyperopia and can not fondle Yan. Just the beginning of the ancients described the mountain pretty appearance, and the mystery of Matou Mountain much more. Matou Mountain measured peak altitude of 2364 meters, in the Yunnan mountains, this height is not worth mentioning, but advantageous terrain, steep cliffs created a unique upright Matou Mountain Xiongjun.

Perhaps the Xiongjun Matou Mountain, attracting Lolo ancestors, the existing study proved that thousands of years ago, it became one of Matou Mountain Yi birthplace, date, surrounding Matou Mountain still inhabited by the Yi numerous compatriots. These cells Yi respect for nature, heritage Matou Mountain that strong, courageous temperament, their generations, opened on ancestral land, extension of human civilization and wisdom, hard work and simple. Tau mountain vegetation, mostly bald fir, shrubs, intermingled with some pine, Yunnan pine. Occasionally, Kunming travel a small roadside hill you can see the traces of someone digging herbs. Makes the deepest impression is the horse mountain fern, due to the high mountains, perennial misty, air humidity, where the bracken (Alondra dish) hair all over the place, and particularly fat. Horsehead many mountain birds, there are many types, in a small roadside rest stop, watching the mountains and plains of the flowers are blooming, fragrant smelling fresh, tangy, mildly crisp listening Yingti Swallows, really useful. However, for the busy modern society, to find a spare but it is becoming increasingly difficult.

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