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Home >> Olive Dam travel information and trip

Olive Dam

Olive DamXiaoganlanba located downstream of the Lancang River, only 40 kilometers away from Jinghong City. Xiaoganlanba is a four or five square kilometers of Bazi (ie, small basin), the Lancang River from the dam through the center. Ganlanba called Menghan in the Dai language, the rare means the volume up. Legend, Buddha preaching this time, Christians are on the floor with a cloth, please Buddha walked over from above, after the Buddha walked over, Catholics again cloth rolled up. Menghan is so named after.

It likened the olive sill dam opening screen peacock's tail - colorful, and full of the beautiful and rich Ganlanba Dai village, like the peacock tail decorate shiny spots. Man Song full (that is, the Walled Garden) and Man listening (floral Village) are two relatively large stockade, no matter what a stockade has a typical Myanmar Temple pagoda and traditional Daijiazhulou. Every seat outside bamboo are bamboo for fence, surrounded by a big yard to grow vegetables and plant fruit trees. Stockade surrounded by trees full of chestnut trees, also known as knife a tree, this tree cut hair again, the more cut more. Dai great attention to protecting the natural environment, they are kind of in the stockade around this chestnut tree as firewood in order to protect local forest resources.

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