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Home >> Mengle Large Buddhist Temple sightseeing guide

Mengle Large Buddhist Temple

Mengle Large Buddhist TempleMengle largest Buddhist temple in the ancient royal temple Dai dynasty King floating temple, the site restoration and reconstruction, King floating temple is the history of a man named Dai Dai dial dragon king to commemorate the deceased Princess Victoria South yarn flat and construction. Buddhism believes life princess, the king so festive Dai temple visit, held a large puja to mark Aifei while Dharma. According to historical records: King floating temple was built in the Ming Dynasty, is one of the iconic symbol of Theravada Buddhism twelve Banna, is also an important place for Buddhist activities Banna.

Theravada Buddhism has a very profound impact on the political, economic, cultural and artistic Dai society so. Dai -length narrative poem hundreds are appearing after the introduction of Buddhism. Dai Tripitaka, known eighty-four thousand, mostly carved in Bayeux, Bayeux said. Dai people's belief in Theravada Buddhism, the people, to the Xishuangbanna Dai boys 8-10 years old have been Rusi monks live, where they learn through literacy, general secularization home in 1-5 years. Every important festival Songkran festival closed, open festival, the Dai people should go to the temple in danfo. In Yunnan Xishuangbanna tours, Buddhist temples throughout the village, almost a village a village temple or a temple, its architectural style is also different. Today, there are more than 500 Buddhist temples, over 200 pagodas in Xishuangbanna Dai villages in. The Big Buddha Mengle is the largest of all temple, but also the supreme status is Dai minds of the Holy Land. Buddhist abbot of China 's first large Buddha Theravada Buddhism Chuang Meng -hu Baron served.

Second place existing government, Young Hyo Square, Young South House, Chiang house are all these historical figures posterity precious ancient buildings. Tian Zhuang town area there remains a length of 280 m, and the remaining 481 in order Stone Streets, Streets size alley antique Ming and Qing architecture, ancient, ancient ginkgo tells the vicissitudes, ancient streets and serene quiet contented ease the pace of life, but also a unique landscape.

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