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Home >> Mengle Cultural Park sightseeing information

Mengle Cultural Park

Mengle Cultural ParkMengle Cultural Park is located in the scenic eastern outskirts of the city of Jinghong, Lancang River and flow interchange near Jinghong to Ganlanba road, 4 km from the center of Jinghong. Set in a scenic range Dai palace ruins, has to reflect the history and culture museum Mengle Xishuangbanna Dai palace ruins and relics as well as rare and exotic rainforest from apes.

Mengle museum exhibits reflect the history and culture of more than 1,000 pieces of cultural relics in Xishuangbanna, the size of government representatives toast toast headman seal 51, and the first official toast Other Administrative supplies more than 100 pieces, Dai royal family's unique silver hand More than 150 arts and crafts, fine workmanship and the distinctive pattern brocade more than 200 ancient costumes, more than 100 sets, as well as religious objects, national production and living necessities, ethnic musical instruments.

National Treasures 3, two national heritage 2, 41 countries, three artifacts, Xishuangbanna trips to relics of the earliest period up to the Eastern Zhou Dynasty. This is more than a thousand pieces of precious relics showcasing the long cultural history and splendid culture Xishuangbanna. Zhuang Mu tower within the area, the tower Dong Zhuang, Dai palace Quan is a legacy of monuments, the Dai people in the eyes of the prestigious, well-known in Southeast Asia. Zhuang Mu tower, tower Dong village in Jinghong dam area is the famous Nine Twelve tower city monuments Nine Towers, one of the highest in the first nine Mu village tower tower. According to historical records, the tower was built in AD 388 Zhuang Mu years, dating back over 1600 years of history.

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