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Home >> Jiguanshan Forest Park sightseeing guide

Jiguanshan Forest Park

Jiguanshan Forest ParkJiguanshan Forest Park Xichou than 40 kilometers from the county seat, is located in the northern edge of the tropical South. Mountain scenic area around the pine, cedar forests, subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest, majestic mountain landscape pose more than 10 attractions. Hong Fu ditch scenic Blossom, pending Yin Ting, boulder Salutations, shuiliandong flowers Stream Fishing, bath Xianchi, incense ridge falls, gold falls through, flying bridge falls, Hornbeck lumber, broadleaf forest, valley streams, more than 10 attractions, there are lakes, waterside pavilion, colorful way, Yi Ting, patrol the sea floor, colorful forests, dams and other scenic attractions celery pond.

Jiguanshan scenic spots, covering the saddle river panda nature reserves, scenic mountain meadow with the highest reachable visitors Basin Scenic Area (elevation 3868 m, 4800 acres of meadow area, slope 7%) and Quaternary glacial relics, has the largest Longmen Mountains, the largest number of spectacular waterfalls and river rafting, scenic loop tour in western Sichuan has the largest, most varieties, the most concentrated maple maple forests, laurel forest, alpine forests and rhododendron forest peony, plus a wealth of animal and psychedelic landscape mountain landscape planetarium, constitute a comprehensive showcase panda ecological environment.

More unique is Yunnan trips: saddle River National Nature Reserve is the largest number of giant pandas in 14 panda reserves, from the metropolis recently (92 km away from Chengdu) Giant Panda Reserve, and is a two Wolong and Fengtongzhai the key corridor panda breeding population exchanges, the Chengdu Giant Panda breeding Base in the field of artificial release Park, Chinese panda hometown essence.

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