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Home >> Dawang Cliff Painting travel guide and tour

Dawang Cliff Painting

Dawang Cliff PaintingMalipo is a county on the Sino-Vietnamese border southeastern Yunnan. In the county of about one kilometer east of claw hill at the southern end of the old, scarps stands about 20 meters high, named Big Yan. Iwashita far as Kwu Yang River Bend. June 1983, cultural workers of color cliff painting found here, for the study of the art of cliff painting provides new information. There are two big points Yan cliff painting. One is in the rock due south, the picture in a prominent place, depicting the three waved heels, like the characters in the dance. Compared with the rock paintings, unique style. The rock paintings, the characters are not painted face, body and more simple triangles, and large Yan cliff painting, depicting the character's never a positive head: between black shoulders, forehead top vertical line, eye painted on both sides of the line; the lower face, a line segment extending from the upper jaw, instead of the nose and mouth; head proportion accounted for two-fifths of the body, like intentionally exaggerated, Yunnan trips to achieve dignified, majestic effect. Than plump body with hand, foot, and not to simple lines instead. Very strong sense of the whole dynamic character. The size of the characters, and there are differences in the middle, followed by the left and right of again backed each other, the main highlight. Individual objects in front of the three cattle, beasts in the activity, and another five hands in the air to indicate the characters who dance are small.

Top of the cliff painting, there are two people, one of the squat, hands in the air, like men. Meaning the whole pattern of further study. Wang Yan cliff painting of another big screen have been largely eroded. Office is located on the lower right side of 20 meters. Screen length of 20 meters and a height of 3 meters, 1.5 meters from the ground. Most pictures have been eroded. Visible nine characters, symbols, four, do not draw facial features, triangular torso, different attitude, the same painting and rock paintings. Wang Yan is a big cliff painting with black, red, white three colors drawn. Mostly red hematite. From the content of painting, modeling and the use of paint, tools, look, when we go near the rock paintings, Neolithic cultural relics. In addition, Lion also found in the cave Qiubei cliff painting. These cliff painting found, once again proved Yunnan is an important area of ??ancient human activities, is currently one of the most Yahua discovery area.

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