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Home >> Junzishan Mountain sightseeing information

Junzishan Mountain

Junzishan MountainShizong County in Yunnan Province, Datong, Long Qing, Wulong three towns junction elevation of 2409.7 meters, an area of 12 square kilometers, is the first peak Shizong. Here Wan Yan shaking down pour rhododendron, Jane exotic wood all over the mountain, plateau meadow exotic, attractive scenery seasons, vegetation preserved relatively intact. Junzishan elevation of 2409.7 meters, the ancient name Parrot Mountain, the Diandong roof, said the core area of 1.8 acres of scenic, undulating mountains, Ling Ran great momentum Diandong first mountain. Mountains around the exquisite, different wood, Xianfeng, rocks, meadows, lingxi many attractions resembles Scandinavian scenery.

Here, more than 150 species of wild animals to survive, more than 1,500 species of plants concentrated growth of more than 20 species of rhododendron bloom, the world's rare plants - Manglietia is the largest ever found in natural communities. Thus Yan Zi-shan known natural large garden, natural botanical garden, natural zoo, natural wild orchards, natural bacteria sub park, natural stone garden, natural pasture tour reputation. Spring, ten thousand ares rhododendrons, odd fight Yan; summer, mushroom clusters, peaks Chung Chui; autumn fruits, cenglinjinran; winter rime everywhere, holy and elegant. Millennium cuckoo, JunZi peak, black pine, stone garden, drunk Hongling, monkey monkey Qing, mushrooms Ridge, Blossoms spring, nine day road cliff landscape embodies the unique natural landscape Junzishan is eastern Yunnan tourist destination.

Under the winding down of Rock Hill encircled, craggy rocks, layer upon layer, patchwork, trees, dry piles, green vines spread, like a pool of natural wind and rain erosion city pool. People feel the Roman Forum, Greece Apia Road, Yunnan trekking tours to Ai Piluo theater full of thousands of years of humanity desolate, vicissitudes, poignant. In the mountains there are contiguous azaleas, each to the spring season, wreathed, flushers Kingfisher, mountains make red. Expert research, the mountains are up to 1600 years old rhododendron trees, flowering 2 to March each year, the bright red color, flowering about 40 days. When in bloom, thousands of flowers blooming azaleas Hongyan brilliant, shy dripping, becoming one of the most beautiful landscapes Junzishan. In addition, there are the rare Manglietia State two rare plants, evergreen broad-leaved trees. Height up to 30 meters, diameter up to 60 cm. Color with temperature change, the Manglietia Junzishan about 30 acres, is the largest ever found in natural communities.

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