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Home >> Jiulong Waterfall tourist information

Jiulong Waterfall

Jiulong WaterfallJiulong waterfalls, located 22 kilometers northeast of the county Luo River Jiulong, Jiulong mountains of ash from the river roared back in the Pentium, raising children of all ethnic Luo on earth. According to legend, when the dragon Timbal fine victory here, from this side guarding the waters, bless the people of this river of Jiulong. Due to the unique geological structure of long-term erosion and water, and in this form the ten low -level width ranging from waterfalls of various shapes, or majestic, or dangerous, or beautiful, or soothing, beautiful, exquisite incomparable. There are countless shoals and pools between the waterfall and waterfall, all show luxuriant. Large and small waterfalls, or if The Soft silk, as if a root silk fluttered in the wind, or water droplets roll, shimmering, like the Milky Way or spilled down, such as the potential force of a thunderbolt, shocking rivers, waterfalls rush to get water or fish, charming scenery. between Jiulong ten waterfall in shallow or deep pool to reflect the sun rays to form a string of pearl ribbon. With the replacement of these waterfalls seasons change, constantly changing, confusing. Harvest season, a few miles away, will hear the crashing sound of Great Falls.

Le Village from a block down 500 meters, China Yunnan tours will enter the Great Falls Jiulong area. First see Pitt Day beaches, the clear calm. Rivercenter island beach under the water into three strands, forming three width ranging from about 2 meters high small cascading, which is the first in Jiulong waterfall waterfall. If this waterfall The Soft silk, as if a root thread in wind wave. Reedy island in the river, and when the fish get waterfall rush of water, scenery is very charming. Thus the stairs, is a calcified natural bridge, gurgling trickle diffuse people from both sides of the bridge lake, cascading under the bridge merged with a crescent-shaped beach calcification. This lake name yueyahu. Beyond that, it is showing a dozen of about 2 to 6 meters wide shallows, fan evenly spread, tumbling spray, shimmering, which is swimming beach.

Swimming beach along the line, wade through four uneven calcification cascading is that ten of the most spectacular waterfall to block Le Grand Rapids, it is prestigious, Jiulong first waterfall. This waterfall, 56 meters high, 114 meters wide, leaving it curved waterfall after waterfall has a depth of about 10 meters shuiliandong. Under semicircular foot waterfall is unfathomable lake. Stonehenge stands on the left, like an ancient chariot into the lake. According to local Buyi people say, when Dragon Wars Timbal fine, that violent hit the drum is fine and pieces of this boulder. Along the edge of the steep stone road waterfall, waterfall climbing on top, looking back looking down, Pitt Day Lake, Crescent Lake, swimming beach, calcification cascading panoramic view.

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