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Home >> Mojiang Sun Plaza sightseeing tour

Mojiang Sun Plaza

Mojiang Sun PlazaMojiang Sun Plaza was built in 2003, is located in central New Mexico River County, is Mexican River City logo. Square occupies 27 acres, mainly in sculpture, financial astronomy, geography, ornamental, leisure as a whole, in the tradition of national culture, based on the modern approach to the performance, magnificent, compact layout, rich content, tastes, both a public entertainment plaza, is a place of science education. Here are the world's largest stone sundial, there is a combination of Chinese and Western cultures twelve constellations, as well as a pointer to the body with their own sun clock and Cordless and other attractions. With a strong sense of the times, reflecting the ink Jiang Renmin forge ahead in unity, courage and pioneering spirit and desire for the sun's light and worship; same time, you can use sunlight, intuitively measured time, seasonal and direction.

By regression doors, sun road, Kuafuzhuiri, stone ring (Stonehenge), beyond the sun, moon ablaze (seasons), the ancient sundial, the main standard tower (the main standard Hall), a planetarium, Gemini Square Hani make fire stations and other components, the regression line flaunt this mysterious town; annual summer solstice (June 21 or 22 days) noon, people from Yunnan travel of the park built in the Tropic of Cancer sun peep hole where you can see the sky vertically sunlight exposure, watch the sun overhead landing shadowless, Li pole seen shadow and other natural wonders.

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