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Home >> Buyiji Deity Valley travel information and tours

Buyiji Deity Valley

Buyiji Deity Valley4.8 km away from the south of the county. Wa belief that nature worship, worship and ancestor worship gods Trinity primitive religion. They also believe that the spirits of the world and died there as emotions, to eat, drink, clothing, housing and productive labor; think everything is God's creation of wood according to Kat. He created life, holds the power of life or death of all things, and given different responsibilities of various flora and fauna.

Pull wooden drum, rob cattle worship, etc. are for the head according to worship wood guitar god. If people are offended him, and will make crop failures, the stockade was destroyed by floods. Therefore, Wa people every year ritual worship, pray for him and bless bless peace auspicious. The main landscape banyan tree according to Kat statue, head piles, God Tan. Also engraved with Sigangli legend, Miki Luo Jiang 's story, Kunming trips of wooden drum legend and a large number of geographical features and ethnic characteristics of the cliffs cliff wooden drum is fifty-six nationalities in China Wa a peculiar kind of drum. Wa primitive nature worship is regarded as the supreme sky artifact, Mok is omnipotent God incarnate, is the patron saint of the Wa cottage.

Wooden drum role: one for worship, prayer cottage wooden drum bless peace, grain harvest, livestock thrive; Second, for the police, fire or when the cottage alien assault emergencies, wooden drum sounded the alarm, called Village people emergency, to protect the interests of the cottage; three for dance entertainment. Each village has a wooden drum room at least, some laurel family name on a wooden drum set up a room. Therefore, some villages there are more than a wooden drum room phenomenon.

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