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Home >> Black River Forest Park travel information and tours

Black River Forest Park

Black River Forest ParkBlack river basin is a typical humid subtropical monsoon climate, the original distribution of tall, broad-leaved forest Simao pine, water melon, orang other species ; Lin Zhonglan grass all over, dense forests along the coast, there are all kinds of rare animals living meantime, wild mushrooms, many delicacies ; along the shore there are oranges, mango, passion fruit, pineapple, banana, lychee orchards on mu. Black River Park Yunnan tours Forest Industry Group to invest in defending the state enterprises, is currently in the black forest river park has been built Fukenji, Ting- view, tea Temple, United States Pinelands, Wyatt pavilion, Labyrinth through quiet place for people to visit other attractions, transportation board has taken shape, with a strong tourism culture.

Fugen Temple, built in the year April 1996, will be the celebrity is 82 years at Temple Mount Emei auspices Master Master Kuan-ming, recorded in the history books from Pu'er Prefecture, famous ancient tea and veneration Samantabhadra, so named Fukenji. Monastery yard, imposing, magnificent, is the largest monastery in southwestern Yunnan. Rusi need to go through three gate, climb the 197 steps, after entering the monastery suffered badly after giving produce all wishes come true feelings. Teng Temple overlooking the undulating mountains Pinnacle, cenglinjinran. Temple tea, Camellia kiosks across the river, panoramic view. At the foot of the black river torrents.

Fugen temple trees, flowers, Greenfield bursts, Chanzao birds. Has a main hall, financial Temple, Kwun Yam Temple, Samantabhadra Temple, Tibetan Temple, retreat Court, scripture library, Wangjiangting so on. There are vegetarian hall, cold Ministry, the Ministry of pilgrim accommodation, services and other crafts. A plastic Buddha Temple, Guanyin, Fugen, possession, Wealth, Four Diamond, Deva kings. Eighteen, colorful decoration, etc. More than 50 statues. Is to pray for peace, and the ideal place votive pilgrimage tourism.

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