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Home >> Wind and Snow Yakou travel information and tour

Wind and Snow Yakou

Wind  and Snow YakouSnow Yakou 's real name is flat horse Yakou in China's Yunnan and Myanmar at the junction of Lushui. Due to stretching hundreds of kilometers Gaoligongshan here to form a V shaped Yakou, has always been connected to the mainland film horse, Laguna, post room three Walled to the throat.

Here, altitude 3153 meters, difficult terrain. Are jammed. When the British invaded piece horse was here private pillar; during the Japanese occupation of Southeast Asia, was here to build bunkers. Imperialist aggressors are an attempt to plunder the East thus Nujiang Grand Canyon into a variety of valuable resources.

However, the film ranked Yakou horse world, with snow Yakou known to the world, is not entrenched in all aggressors. Today, Kunming travel to six libraries to horse road winding coiled piece by piece Yakou and direct the horse, drove the line, all the way Qifeng different Ridge, Yunzhewuzhang; deep gorge valleys, gurgling streams; vast woodlands, Tao whistling; flowers are blooming, birds Huan -ming.

In winter, snow fluttering, while Lin is still green and full of life, Linshao snow, Qing Gu green dye miles. Even Heavenly season, winding roads like ribbons fluttering and spotless. And from the six road, from listening to the birds, clouds hill view. If something stands in Yakou four viewing, regardless of the season, has a charming landscape revenue increase uprising fundus, but you also need to use poetic soul to feel, to comprehend!

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