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Home >> Liusuo tourist guide, Yunnan


LiusuoNu River canyon wall hanging cliffs, towering deep gully, the surging river in the canyon as the Pentium Mustang. According to legend, a pair of lovers living in the Nujiang Lisu both sides, unable to meet in distress among inspired by rainbow, pull up on the first Liusuo Nujiang. Since then, this convenient means of transport has been widely used on both sides.

Liusuo Nujiang on two - flat slip and steep slide. Liusuo slip as high level two, level the greater the river, and from the available too, but after the river had slipped his arms Push, climb to the other side. Steep slide has a certain inclination, a high and a low, naturally slid into the other side, very brisk. Steep slip are generally two, oppositely inclined direction, back and forth very effort. For safety, Yunnan trekking hiking tours to the structure except Liusuo slip itself, there are a made of hardwood or bamboo slip plates and a rope tied at the waist.

Over Liusuo It takes courage, when you put on a life-line and not too thick rope, when you look at all dizzy over the canyon, when you hear the sound of the river Liusuo under the deafening roar when hearts will help give birth to a bit Qieyi. When you see those men and women on the river slipped to fly freely, especially those with children aunt, carrying a goat pig together, heaven, the can not but admire their courage. Vine contempt do Liusuo very easy to wear, so over a period of time (as short as two to three months and not longer than one year) must be replaced once. When changing slide, choose a big effort on both sides of each person, first with one end of a fishing line tied to a cross-strait throw stones until the middle of the river crochet when two stones together, then slowly pull off the other side. Then the fish line replaced coarse rope, then again Liusuo one end fixed to the shore slip on piles or trees, and the other end tied to the rough hemp rope pull over on the other side, fixed on the other side of the tree or slip on a pile and twisted tight with a stick, paragraph by paragraph, for the slip is complete.

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