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Home >> White Elephant Temple tourist guide

White Elephant Temple

White Elephant TempleWhite Elephant Temple is located in Lincang County double River Road, nine years before the Ming Chenghua (1473), was founded by HE get called long-suffering, destroyed and rebuilt many times, the former official Buddhist temple, after the city of temples after rebuilding the temple elephant changed.

The main building has a white elephant Buddha Temple, Canon booth, octagonal, monks quarters, Buddha wooden structure tile roof eaves, roof erected a small round central tower, coated with powder, with brick walls, old brick width high around 30 * 25 * 25 cm, thick and strong. Hall near the square, surrounded by a corridor. Front door, carved. Buddha head on the back wall under the seat for the Buddha statue, clay, coated with gold powder. Several bronze Buddha on display under the seat, jade, porcelain small statues, the larger 30-50 cm high, the small height of about 10 cm, most of the faithful who Rural Social Context to the Buddhist temple. Buddhist altar set up in front seat, place a variety of instruments, offerings. Set up by the side of the front seat of Buddha Pavilion, there are seats; through tingqian a rectangular platform, about 1.5 meters high, 4-5 meters long, 1.5 meters wide, is satisfied during the Buddha, the elders by the pavilion chanting monks sitting in Taiwan on.

Hall hanging streamers, many buildings, the Department of various colored cloth production, but also for the believers of the Rural Social Context. Canon booth on the right front of the hall, through the memory book. Octagonal (ordained kiosk) on the left, when Buddha was up ceremony venue. Living in dormitories and Buddha side, there are Buddhist scriptures carved frame, the monks here are learning at the life.

Flowers and trees around the temple elephant dense, elegant environment. There valuable trees, ironwood is introduced as the Buddha umbrella planted some ironwood more than five hundred years old has been quite valuable. He is the founder of the famous White Elephant Temple Lane Stone, the current abbot Zhuang Danan, aged 87, Yunnan travel to dual Jiang who serves as president of the Buddhist Association of Yunnan dual River County, the county CPPCC members.

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