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Home >> Dongshan Park, Yunnan tourist guide

Dongshan Park

Dongshan ParkSherwin Dongshan Park, located 5 km east of Xuanwei Dongshan mountainside, scenic main east Temple, the sea will be composed of the tower and the Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery, is the provincial tourism scenic spot. East Temple, also known as Songhe Temple, built in the early Ming Dynasty, after the original temple built on the cliffs mainly, due to repeated fires, after repeated repair, now has only remnants of the original part of the cliff temple, the main temple body has been moved mountainside piece of magic to appear on the ground. Temple ancient dense, heavy yard, another springs spewing, on top of the mountain cliffs have ground, springs, in fact, is also a great spectacle.

Tours to Yunnan East Temple, the best route is meandering along the road, although the bumpy trail, there are infinite wit: that hehe then sliced like ax as walls, bare after burning red sun, just like a natural to tilt down towering barrier However, it is also the occasion in sweat marvel, deep forest, cliff above the remnants of the temple, your mood, the term only to fight the natural heart ---- Road ... mountainside above the cliffs, there are a landscape: a ramp was born in rock River trees, fresh air plunging down a mountain breeze blowing, springs spread upward into spilled on the shape, Gok Wan money like little drops of water that Sherwin-Williams is among the four have spilled Kimcheon East, the spilled Kimcheon a. Poem reads: Cliff volley at Fei Liu Quan look down.

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