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Home >> Xinhua Street travel information and tour

Xinhua Street

Xinhua StreetToday's Xinhua Street, known as the Trail of the first territory. Historically, it is indeed the main street of the ancient into the Square Street. Pattern of ancient yard in this street reflected particularly evident. Enter its territory, first climbing, and then gradually gentle with the mountain until the Square. From north to south, and the right to build houses Forest Hill, dense trees behind the house; the left is on the water (River) and the building, the first floor on the edge of the river, you can open the door in the river water, floor height and Xinhua Street ground is flat, Yemen is downtown. So, from Xinhua point of view, the majority of only one floor left, look around River, is building two houses, but now they have a three-tier architecture, but they are the traditional style, and blend with the surrounding environment, no stand The uncomfortable. This is of course with the government's guidance and macro management are inseparable.

The ancient city streets, both play a function of the road, but also play the role of markets in history. Markets, but also the most memorable places of the ancient city. Needless to say, the excitement of the Square, one that selling chickens Lane, sale of pigs Lane, bronze Street and selling cloth lane ...... you know, Lijiang City is the earlier regulations were rowing world place, that today's monopoly, what street, what markets, what one lane. In doing business in the city, what to buy, where to go to sell what are relatively fixed.

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