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Home >> Wenbi Mountain tours and travel guide

Wenbi Mountain

Wenbi MountainWenbi mountain Scenic Spot is located southwest of Lijiang dam Wenbi mountain dialect called ask Luna, which means black Yinshishan, 4350 meters above sea level, with the north to the Yulong Snow Mountain in Vicenza, the leading position. Yamagata, such as Wenbi a Jubi directed at the sky, tall, handsome, hence the name. Fall back on the foot of sea pen Wenbi, like a pool of rippling Pitt ink, mountains, water, water, Ying Shan, pen and ink seamless, complement each other. It is said that the reason why Schwimmer Lijiang prosperity, talent, because mountain dip pen, Wenbi the sea aura.

Wenbi Hill area composed by twelve spots to Wenfeng Temple as the main representative. 1999 Wenfeng Temple is listed as Expo 99 open sights, the same year, Lijiang Mountain Tourism Development Corporation began Wenbi invest in tourism infrastructure protection and restoration and construction of facilities, so that re-radiate Wenfeng Temple Tibetan Buddhist shrines and tourist destination of splendor . mountain scenic Lijiang tours Wenbi traditional religious holiday resorts and tourist attractions, not only here in the mysterious Tibetan Buddhism Lijiang multicultural show the magic, and its extraordinary natural landscape to attract extraordinary people. It not only has a temple, Ling Tung, sit-Hall, Park Street, Sacred Stone, Sang Najia Lake and other religious tourist attractions; also maintained a good natural landscapes and ancient forest vegetation, is a modern tourist resort.

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