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Home >> Lijiang Paradise travel guide and tour

Lijiang Paradise

Lijiang ParadiseParadise, an area of 3,000 acres, is located in Yulong County, Lijiang City, Baisha Dam East (formerly World War II Hump airport near), 10 kilometers from the ancient city. Paradise is divided into eco-park dining, entertainment, motor sports, mountain sports, conference and exhibition, exhibition Hump, hump flying club, hunting and cultural park, equestrian club, field training camp, national sports events, multi-functional conference hall, Eco SPA restaurant, mountain resorts, youth apartment, expand training base peak days, functional areas altitude extreme sports zone, safari, eco-agriculture and tourism park. Project unique innovative design, reasonable configuration, with professional management and service team, a good geographical conditions and location advantages, adjacent to the Old Town of Lijiang, the rise will be able to see the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, backed by the United States Xingle quiet steep Grand Canyon, you can exercise enjoy unrestrained youth, under the blue sky, the sound of gurgling streams where gains in happiness, hug laughter, enjoy extreme sports gives you unlimited pleasure.

Paradise ---- sports resort town of Yunan trips to Lijiang by the Lijiang Snow Mountain outdoor sports paradise Co. set the overall development of leisure, recreation and sports conference, convention, recreational shopping at one of the outdoor style town, Lijiang tourism from tourism to recreational meetings, leisure travel is an important complement to the project changes, but also the first to introduce Lijiang outdoor sports outdoor sports fashion company and conference and exhibition of professional service providers. Paradise in a home away from home, excellent service purposes, to provide customers with attentive, warm and thoughtful design personalized products and services, professional undertaking to Lijiang, conferences, exhibitions, race car vehicle launches and travel teams. And to Korea for outdoor experiential team development training, Naxi style campfire, camping, outdoor theme parties and other special services.

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