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Home >> Black Dragon Pool tourist guide

Black Dragon Pool

Black Dragon PoolLijiang Black Dragon Pool, also known as Jade Spring Park, located north of the city at the foot of Xiangshan, Old Town Square along the latitude and longitude of Yuhe upstream on the aspect from about one kilometer line has a crystal clear spring lake, is the world-renowned Black Dragon Pool. Ejected from the crevice between milling around lake, mountain springs Gok merged into forty thousand square meters lake surface. Four weeks a beautiful vista. Yishanbangshui sleek embellished with ancient buildings. Yi Cai Yun of its flow, often melancholy linger.

Lijiang Black Dragon Pool Park, commonly known as the Dragon King Temple, located at the northern end of Xiangshan Lu Lijiang. Black Dragon with the potential within the ancient buildings scattered dragon shrines, on a floor, lock Chui bridge, the pavilion and the subsequent relocation of the original Ming Dynasty Shibayama this release Lin Fu Temple gate, Wufeng, the former prefect of Yamen Ming and Qing Guangbi floor Oriole Terrace, a text Pavilion, civilization Square and other buildings.

Black Dragon dragon shrines of the main building, including the stage, on a floor, located in a group of elegant, harmonious and endless changes in spindle line. East West Shrine sit for five yards Tetraena compound, gatehouse, hatchback, hall, south Piyou an abbot from a courtyard. Basilica forShan Shanding, Miankuo into the deep three, before the platform, applying for hanging with foot stomp, surrounded by each other through the back veranda. Hall and towering towering gatehouse, very temple atmosphere. Gatehouse hanging " sky clouds " words book list.

Longtan Yingxue. With five-hole bridge, consisting of images on a floor, the Black Dragon Snow Mountain and lake snow reflection has become a classic postcard scenery of Lijiang, Yunnan tours to Lijiang has become one of the largest in the camera viewfinder visitors. At first glance, photos, people who have not been to Lijiang Yulong may also think that the distant snow-capped mountains are part of the Black Dragon Pool. The continuous expansion of the Black Dragon Pool, today has become a poetic landscape garden, there is the South Palace said.

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