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Home >> Qinglong Gorge travel information and tours

Qinglong Gorge

Qinglong GorgeQinglong scenic tranquility away from the urban area 29 km, 20 km away from the spa, there is good traffic conditions, Anfu Gong Lu (peace to enriching) a cross-border, Chengdu-Kunming Railway has a site (Dragon stations). The total area of about 19 square kilometers. Forested areas, vegetation intact, winding yard, singing streams, waterfalls, rotating waterwheel, sunshine smoke, honest, tour attractions dotted.

The whole area can be divided into several large area tours: rafting resort. Qinglong drifting, the "Yunnan travel first drift," said the richest taste of tourism projects. Along the river is owned by cattle farming, Wo Xiang Du, Qun dock, etc. 17 attractions; ancient Qing Exploring the Area. There Guteng swing, Khe Caoting, ancestors and other sites 20 attractions; Valley Range Rover Area. Sanbanggulsa squat water, aromatic Creek static flow, valleys, etc. 12 attractions Origin; Yi Village Scenic Area. There Yi Village scenery, bow and arrow hunting, horseback riding, etc. 6 attractions and rides. Scenic features a restaurant catering, parking, room, sleeping in tents. Live in the area, you can also participate in the evening campfire with national characteristics. When we heal the deterioration of the living environment of the date when it was still a pure pure land.

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