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Home >> Jinmabiji Memorial Arch tour information

Jinmabiji Memorial Arch

Jinmabiji Memorial ArchMabi chicken Square is located in the center of Kunming Third Street and Golden Road Survey Office, 12 meters high, 18 meters wide, carved beams exquisite, East Square Pro Horse Hill and named the Golden Horse Square, West Square by Biji mountains called Pitt Place chicken, is a symbol of Kunming. Mabi chicken Square was built in the Ming Xuande years, has been nearly four hundred years of history.

Because Mabi chicken symbol of good luck, reflects people's yearning for a better life and the pursuit, which for thousands of years, it has been widely circulated in the legend of the three winding earth. Kunming has even Mabi chicken as a symbol of their city, celebrate it, praise it, and left many beautiful poems ...... where there is no shortage Daguanlou long beard Weng Sun Alliance in the East Xiang Horse, West Zhu Ling instrument Such famous through the ages. To commemorate Mabi chicken, chicken in Mabi two Golden Horse foothills built shrines and Biji shrines, also built in the city of Kunming, Kinmen and Matsu, Biji Second Place and Second Place where the road was named Golden Road .

Delicate place Mabi chicken Square lies Golden ablaze spectacle. When the sun will not fall off, afterglow Biji Square illuminated from the west, it is the reflection of the street invested in the east; at the same time, it is just the moon rises in the east, silver light irradiation Golden Horse Square, will be invested in its reflection of Western Street surface; the shadow of two arches, and gradually shift approaching, the last transfer to each other. This is one of the Golden ablaze, the spectacle of 60 years to appear.

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