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Home >> Daguan Park sightseeing information

Daguan Park

Daguan ParkDaguan Park is located in the western suburbs of Kunming Dianchi Lake. Covers an area of 47.8 hectares, of which 23.1 hectares of land, water 24.7 hectares. After 600 years of history, a different era of garden style, nearly Hua Pu and Daguanlou, Lou Wai Lou, Kunming tours to garden and cypress park resort. In Dianchi seagrass coast, across the lake, Qudi Liu smoke, Lotus Pond, flowers are blooming. Lush garden flowers, rockeries, pavilions, bridges, water, and the scenery is very beautiful.

180 Daguan Park because of the word of the Qing Dynasty celebrities hanging beard Weng Sun's first long-linking ancient and modern, the Daguanlou named, according to its topography, about can be divided into three pieces: near Hua Pu, Daguanlou film, Lou Wai Lou Lu Park films, Yu garden, flower garden and cypress garden pieces.

Daguan lush flowers and trees in the park, rockeries, pavilions, bridges, water, and the scenery is very beautiful. Nostalgic newly built gallery linger Yu-fold, outside the threshold silver water Yushan; Moon Bay View Jia Tong and shade trees, flowers, surrounded by the most appropriate Moonlight smell flute. Choi Cliff rockery FANTASTIC, exquisite inlay empty; Su irresolute Island is surrounded by water; Sau Ping grass. Continue westbound bridge over the Swallows, the plot Botti pressure waves lying wave, and then stands in front Daguanlou more ancient eulogized that the first long-linking, people stay behind unsightly.

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