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Home >> Kaiyuan South Cave tourist information

Kaiyuan South Cave

Kaiyuan South CaveKaiyuan South Cave located about 10 kilometers beneath the mountains south of Kaiyuan. South Cave is the first of eight of the ancient, the longyou South Cave, said Ming before they were discovered. A fan according to the state (open ancient name) chronicles, the Ming Dynasty scholar Yangsheng had traveled here and revel in the front view, and wrote that South Cave word, in 1574, after Zou Yunnan travel governor should longyou, renamed psychic It has been 400 years of history. Qing Qianlong period, was developed psychic hole, cave sculpture statues, statues hundreds of statues, also has the Dragon King Temple, Valley Temple, San Juan Hill Temple.

South Cave is a three year-round water gurgling springs pool, which has a boating door. The cave is not only cool and pleasant, you can also enjoy the stone bud, stalagmites, stalactites and other pillars wonders, this spring is the main source of water for drinking and irrigation Kaiyuan residents farmland. Outside the cave and ancient trees, clean constantly. Hill cliff in a plastic smile Buddha, visitors purchase chips throw belly, ha ha ha laughter is issued, do not have fun. Another rhino like to make a plastic-like moon. According to legend, there was a rhino is nearby villagers chased the hole, the hole is out of the spring. In order to prevent rhino run away, people blocked the entrance with stones, the village was suddenly four to take water, dug the hole, water lasts, like rhino is so legendary and plastic.

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