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Home >> Xuezheng Examination Shed travel information and tour

Xuezheng Examination Shed

Xuezheng Examination ShedExamination shed facing south, 40 meters wide, 150 meters deep, covering 6,000 square meters, houses neat symmetry, a total of over a hundred rooms. Corridor of the building to the central axis, forming a six courtyards. Among them, one for the drum into the hospital room, Gate, two into the hospital as a goal, three things into the hospital with a text field, four into the hospital for the Freemasons, five They came into the hospital for the Church, six into the hospital as a school prefect Qin Ming ICAC. The existing building retained intact, is the study of southwest China 's ancient imperial examination system excellent physical remains, was released in 1993 for the fourth installment of the People's Government of Yunnan tour to Honghe Province key cultural relics protection units.

Construction of water shed homes political science exam try, to prepare for the imperial examinations before. Who was admitted to hospital where the test, you can get preferential treatment, from entering the country imperial election race with disabilities. Provincial examinations tree through this before, as will test, successful candidates High School Scholars, can be delegated to officials, and North of lands and Lang, twilight Teng Tang emperor dream. According to original construction of water protection and restoration of political science examination halls, arranged the ancient imperial examination of relevant content, launched the Linan exam, Wearing ritual and real activity that allows you to look back at history, savor the deep historical and cultural construction of water.

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