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Home >> Bailong Cave tour guide

Bailong Cave

Bailong CaveMaitreya Bailongdong Mile Scenic Area is located in Yunnan Province, the main attractions Bailongdong, beard Weng Sun tomb, Maitreya Temple, Bear Qinglai residence, three generations of a typical visit to seal products, trees Longtan, Plum Springs, Reshuitang and other scenic spots, with a total area of about 30 square kilometers. Bailongdong cave tour road 3 km, the holes have holes, the holes and see the sky, wonders stacks up, step by step, King, Chinese and foreign experts praise karst without a break.

Bailongdong, located in the southwest rainbow Mile Township, 31 km from the county seat of Maitreya. Bailongdong tourist area covers an area of 2,000,000 square meters, surrounded by rolling hills, craggy rocks, hills dotted with more than 10 caves, the most spectacular of Bailongdong. Cave upper and lower levels, there are four scenic Palace, North officer, Jade Pool in Wonderland, Underwater World, etc., over 10 halls, more than 100 attractions.

Located on scenic State Road trunk roads connecting the various attractions there, and southern China Yunnan tours scenic loop loops, very easy to organize tours, palace: the majestic tall stone flag, Shiman is characterized by the; learn from the way; rhino Moon;and other attractions Kitamiya: to quaint Long squamous relief, Zhu, Yao Chi Shiman known world: the; island list;,; Glen brook;,; clear water lotus;and other attractions to win the seabed. World: For stone flowers, stone coral, stone grapes, stone and pearls, more exotic.

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