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Home >> Menghuan Shwedagon Pagoda tourist guide

Menghuan Shwedagon Pagoda

Menghuan Shwedagon PagodaMeng Huan Shwedagon Pagoda is located in the southeastern Mans elevation 1079.6 meters of mine teeth to make the summit. Legend Sakya Muni living reincarnation of Rooster [A phoenix] had living in this land, hundreds of years after the Nirvana of Buddha, Buddhist disciples Zhao Han big Lohans] to spread the teachings of Buddha to visit this mountain practice, as Zhao rare big There's a good environment practitioners, weeds and thorns all get out, so let the mountain called Ray teeth, meaning weeds get out of the place, and later built a stupa in this mountain since ancient times is that people accepted Buddhism one of the Holy Land. Ray Dental original pagoda was destroyed in AD let Hill 1942 War, Luxi City Meng Huan Shwedagon Pagoda was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution, AD 1966, to meet the aspirations of the majority of religious people, promote national culture to Yunnan promote social economic development and tourism will be decided as one reconstruction, named Meng Huan Shwedagon Pagoda, tower 76 meters high, 50 meters in diameter base, four-door hollow octagonal pagoda, in the year 30 June 2004 held a pure land ceremony and started. Plus the opening ceremony held sway May 1, 2007.

Meng Huan Shwedagon Pagoda on June 30, 2004 Yunnan trips broke ground on a total investment of 55 million yuan, 35 million yuan investment in the main tower of Meng Huan Shwedagon Pagoda is located in the southeast suburbs of Luxi City Thunder teeth allow the hilltop, the whole tower 76 meters, 50 meters in diameter bottom base, four-door styling hollow octagonal pagoda for the next three layers of hollow hall. The first layer of the hall area of 2000 square meters, the center Fangzhu Dong southwest North plastic has four statues. Second and third layer of outer platform has 16 unique shape of the base tower, the tower has 16 kiosks and marble statues. The main bell tower for large tower, the second, three each built a small tower 8, fourth floor outside the platform has 8 beautiful vase tower. Base on the main stem with a large bell and 13 bowl Leiqi, the highest point wearing a large golden dome weighs 2.3 tons. It is the main investor Meng Bana Xi Luxi City Park Ltd. rare person in charge, the tower is currently rated as China's first gold pagoda, Asia's first hollow stupa.

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