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Home >> Kaibangya Lake Resort tour information

Kaibangya Lake Resort

Kaibangya Lake ResortLin Jasper Peach Blossom Spring - Yingjiang Kaibangya Lake, at more than 40 kilometers northwest of Dehong Yingjiang, stretching hundreds of miles of the vast woodlands Tongbiguan Nature Reserve, there is an area of about 8 square kilometers jasper lake. Looked around the lake, lush tropical rain forests, craggy rocks and vines planted in the lakes a beautiful landscape, and Dehong Yingjiang hundreds of large and small islands Kay rods Lake distribution within Asia, like jasper intraday scattered dolphin Lvzhu make beautiful lakes add to the beauty. A Closer Look clear lake bottom, Dehong Yingjiang Kaibangyan hordes of gold tail big lake carp swim freely drag shore mountain azaleas blooming tree in full swing, the reflection of the red lake lake ; distant mountain trails to ask and smoke curl Jingpo people, more so this serene lakes like fairyland, the world outside Utopia. This is a new development in Yunnan Dehong an important tourist attractions - Yingjiang Kaibangyan lake.

Kaibangya is Jingpo language, meaning valley land. How the valley turned into a lake of it ? In 1993, Yunnan Dehong at the foot of a joint venture with Malaysia to build a capacity of 63,000 kilowatts of hydropower. Power plant reservoir chose this valley. This valley in the mountains is relatively low-lying hilly basin, surrounded by mountains Yingjiang Dehong, horseshoe-shaped. Built in a horseshoe mouth 45 meters high, 74 meters long dam, he Yunnan trips gave this valley turned into an artificial lake. Runoff area of 22 square kilometers of the lake Mountains, the Department of subtropical forests, verdant and luxuriant trees, beautiful scenery. Dotted with green islands and hundreds of strangely shaped peninsula of the lake is separated into many inlets, twists and turns. Egret line under the blue sky every now and then, thousands of ducks splashing into the water surface, cruise across, Yinlin ten thousand ares. The entire lake, except tourists laughing noises outside, it all sounds of silence. Its definition and has become an important feature of this quiet scenic. Another feature of Yingjiang Kay Lake rods Asia is particularly pleasant climate, summer to winter, early evening, the temperature difference is extremely small, but high 28 ¡æ, low but 10 ¡æ, summer can also be cold.

Dehong Yingjiang Kay Lake rods Asian natural landscape of this area is divided into two parts amusement and nature tours. Natural landscape eco- resort mainly by wild birds sightseeing tourist area, tourist resort islands, the subtropical orchards tourist resort, tourist resort composed of natural water sources. Natural recreation area by the water play area, play area and forest wild camping zone. There are crossing water raft rides, yachts, water parachuting, water air strop and other activities ; Dehong Yingjiang Kaibangya Lake Forest Recreation Area has a rustic charm crossbow, campfire, sleeping and other activities. To this scenic tour can fully experience a sightseeing tour, lived outdoors, getting back to basics outside world tourist life.

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