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Home >> Zhongmian Friendship Street sightseeing tour

Zhongmian Friendship Street

Zhongmian Friendship StreetAlmost all have been to the beautiful southern China 's southwestern border town of Ruili visitors, all attracted to local famous Zhongmian Friendship Street visit shopping or browsing streetscape. Zhongmian Friendship Street, referred to as Main Street, located in the border No. 81 attached to the first, attached to II, 382 to No. 83 on both sides of the pillar, is about 1.5 km. In in the Main Street in the middle, stands a magnificent and spectacular, magnificent, rather ethnic characteristics of the country. In China in the period known as Zhongmian Friendship Street in Myanmar paragraph border are called white elephant Street.

Zhongmian Friendship Street just over a thousand meters long, will build six garden in the city, roads, towering brightly everywhere. A range of items in an array of markets, the most attractive tourists. Shops were the main people from Burma, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other Southeast Asian countries and China's various ethnic compatriots. Zhongmian Friendship Street called International Trade Street! In this exhibition markets where goods are: jade jewelry, jade agate, national senior cosmetics, teak carving products, antlers, Tau jewelry, all kinds of jewelry, clothing, and delicacies vegetables, seafood abounds in the Bay of Bengal, produced different seasons tropics fruits and so on.

After dark, the business is still more popular than during the day! Markets in brightly flame incomparable. Outside each shop firm competing blooming colorful neon lights. Each day to day scenic tour of the guests, nor fear the journey Lawton tired, like a flood downtown browse sightseeing, dining tea, leisure and shopping. In the Main Street, the night market, in addition to commodities listed above, add a lot more night of food and beverages. Such as coffee tea Myanmar, Pakistan dumped Baba, Thai -style lemon tea, Jingpo barbecue, Yunnan travel flavor of food, while many snacks Chengdu and Chongqing hot pot so the mountain. As the night breeze, that stimulate the appetite of visitors blowing bursts of fragrance oil, mouth watering. Zhongmian Friendship Street has become an important window Ruili border crossings a landscape and international commerce.

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