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Home >> Zhang Garden tourist guide

Zhang Garden

Zhang GardenZhang Dali garden, representative of the cultural surname Bai residential buildings, business cards Dali twenty-first century residential tourism. Park played: Legend Tang Dynasty Nanzhao, Song Dali Royal Queen concierge-style courtyard building, consisting of five three Zhaobi Square, a patio and Dali Courtyard five unique combination of rear garden, the largest residential history on Bai construction unit six contracts spring, Wen said, deer crane with Spring and the crane is auspicious to deer symbol of architectural culture from the Nanzhao Kingdom Erhai six tribes unified architectural culture, a symbol of national unity Nanzhao Dali Kingdom, Nanzhao and Dali king listened to political and tribal chiefs in ceremonial banquet building, Xing Yu Nanzhao Dali, Yunnan tour to Dali was destroyed Kublai flat, Dali People grandparents word of mouth so far, is the dream of Dali Bai People's Millennium Science building manor houses . Zhang Dali garden should be located in the San Diancang Yin Tong foot peak north side, investment by the artist Dali folk architecture, the park owner Jian Chun and personally creative design, to create a residential building attracted to arts and culture park.

Zhang Garden castles in the air, East View chicken Sunrise Mountain, North see Yulong Hermit, South Yunnan now looking Choi, Yang West Cangshan Mountain Snow, romantic four o'clock Changchun, blue world with open-air cafes, coffee products look Cang-er Grand air pavilion drinking tea to see the high clouds of heaven, trance bookstore, you can hear the temple bell, enjoy myohyang Buddhist country, Bai Jiamin bring home a spiritual art space tourists, visitors linger, large garden there are considerable, is synonymous with Dali excited have been guests and celebrities called Dali Art palace is one of the most recognized Piaoliang residential China, Dali tourism boutique, Chinese famous example of residential tourism and cultural industries Dali residential culture folklore tourist attractions.

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