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Home >> Yindu Water Village travel information and tours

Yindu Water Village

Yindu Water VillageYindu Water Village Xinhua Village, formerly known as Dan Zhaizi, is a typical village gathered Bai, Bai population accounts for 98 percent, as early as the Tang Dynasty Nanzhao period, the Chinese began to engage in new gold, silver and other handicrafts manufacture, generation to generation, continues today. Hammers struck along traces the history of the world-famous at home and abroad breeds Tsurukawa craftsmen. Unique, exquisite silver bronze handicrafts unmatched along the road depth Tea Horse Road Tibet, Gansu, Yuanshe India, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand, Xinhua Village became the hometown of the world heritage craft cultural heritage, has become the world-famous silver. Cast not only has high artistic appreciation value also has historical value and cultural value of the fame of the Xinhua Shi Zhaizi silverware.

Xinhua Shi Zhaizi a magical and ancient villages, Yunnan Dali tour to its rich groundwater resources nationwide rare. At the foot of the mountain springs rushing everywhere, around the house anterior chamber, through the farm courtyard, surrounded by the families of farmers Oasis hospital, mellow clear. Walk through the seasons, washed mundane never dry, world reputation as Stephen Lake township. Water acres of seagrass plateau wetlands each year hundreds of rare species of wild birds in the breeding habitat in seagrass, seagrass Wetland Park in the body, listen to the fishermen Fishermen punt humming, close look ten thousand migratory birds fly with wings, crane Dance tours, listen Heron Ming. Feel ten lotus fragrance, Trinidad flowering reeds, singing sway Xiang Fei Wu Hou charming scenery.

2000 by the Ministry of Culture, and the China Association for the Promotion village named hometown of Chinese folk art, China Folk Culture Village, in 2006 as a top ten towns in Yunnan.

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