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Home >> Shuimu Mountain travel guide and tours

Shuimu Mountain

Shuimu MountainWater Head Mountain is located about 20 kilometers southwest of the city Xiangyun, Yunnan is to create one of the earlier Buddhist shrine. According to inscriptions extant records, Nan Zhao Xing four years (AD 813 years), the request for the various ministers, Nanzhao Wang Sheng Long decreed advised Puji Jackson to celebrate light water projects mountain jungle temple. Temple opened a day in court, satisfied that the child more than a thousand, six imperial kings, salty to ask. Since then, the ancient monks each other without a break. Yongli next five years after the completion of Baohua Temple, the Quartet cloud satisfied, please ring by Gui who set among mistress. Peoples convert thousands of satisfied around the circumference, from those clouds. Ming and Qing Dynasties, extremely heyday, as many as three thousand monks, became the center of Buddhism in western Yunnan region.

Head mountain water dry summer climate with a wet winter, summer and winter is no different plateau monsoon climate year-round spring, seasons for tourism activity, it is suitable for summer holidays resort. There are existing water projects in the scenic mountain resident Temple was built in the Tang, Song Mountain Tower built water projects and Yunnan's largest Tallinn, as well as restoration and reconstruction since 1992 Fugen temple, five graves, Baohua Temple landscape. Among them, the water head temple pagoda was one of Temple hold tower, unique in Yunnan, China is also rare. Ring in the history of the Church prestigious, western Yunnan monk monks and nuns who are to be ordained to this, the Buddhist community in the province enjoys a high status. Five graves hospital dedicated to water projects in addition to the ancient master, but also a collection of mountain water projects saved many precious stone.

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