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Home >> Cangshan Cableway travel information and trip

Cangshan Cableway

Cangshan CablewayBeautiful green hills like a huge landscape screen embedded in the Erhai Lake west. Since ancient times, the hills is a fascinating tourist destination. However, due to the steep mountains, visitors to reach the hills of natural scenic spots and historical sites often use at a few hours. And now, we are only 20 minutes to take the cable can directly reach the hills of the attractions.

The starting point of the cableway is located in the western suburbs of Dali and foothills. The starting point is an area of 40 acres of garden area. Cang neat bamboo cypresses, colorful flowers and green grass will be former wasteland into a garden. From spring along taoxi shed a few man-made pond to form a trapezoidal pool water rush rushing waterfalls. Stream line around the road, cross the stone bridge over the ditch, yet Gordon hills, had felt a cool moist hills. The cableway starting platform, Jin Yong's martial arts master inscribed Cangshan cableway in Daqing stone eye-catching.

Cangshan cableway is located in the hills and peaks in the cableway from Dali tours of March Street West started racetrack, has been extended to mid and peak jade road. When you ride the lifts slowly running hills, white snow, blue Erhai that luxuriant, leisurely ancient Cang er Bazi little Bai residential glance. Cableway end Dali attractions Temple and in the Temple and a total length of 18 km and interlocked in the Mountain mountainside Yudai Road, along the way you can along the tour Yudai taoxi, the Creek, Longyandong, water hyacinth hole, seven Dragon Pool Qing bixi other famous scenic spots, while you can enjoy the beautiful scenery charming Cang-er!

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