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Home >> Yi Solar Calendars Cultural Park sightseeing tours

Yi Solar Calendars Cultural Park

Yi Solar Calendars Cultural ParkChinese solar calendar October Yi Cultural Park, located three winding Chuxiong city outskirts, covering 500 acres. Is a set of national culture studies October sun as the main indicator and the construction of national arts exchange, ethnic customs performance, mass entertainment, business marketing services as one of the Yi culture with distinctive characteristics of the tourist attractions.

World history to today, can be divided into the solar calendar, the lunar calendar and lunisolar three categories. Moon waxed and waned depending on the solar calendar date to set seasons, the moon wanes once every given month. Solar calendar based on the solar cycle to be aged sports season. Yi October 's solar calendar used in Qin Mohan, from the Xia Dynasty Xiqiang previous civilization, it is divided into ten months a year, divided into 36 days the entire month, regardless of Otsuki Satsuki, had finished ten months after five to six days, called New Year day. New Year Day on drew to a close, a few days after it had finished the new year began. The usual New Year Day is five days, New Year Day every fourth year a leap for six days when using this calendar, the monthly number of days to 36 days stable, usually years 365 days every leap year is 366 day four years the average number of days per year is 365.25 days, both easy to remember, and the return value and has a very high degree of coincidence, it is entirely in the ancient claim to scientific, practical, and this is the origin of the solar calendar Yi October.

Chinese Yi October calendar cultural garden with a unique cultural landscape, fresh, natural, pleasant relaxing environment, was included in Yunnan tours to Chuxiong five boutique tourist routes of the major tourist attractions. Yi Park unique residential buildings, landscapes landscape, exotic folk customs performances Yi, Yi, and reflect the profound cultural connotation of the exhibition on display in the Yi founding epic, heroic apotheosis title marked the creation of huge relief materials group, which formed Yi distinctive cultural features a theme attractions, and one must be called, after the National Grand View Garden Yi culture unique and dynamic museum.

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