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Home >> Wuding Lion Mountain travel information and tour

Wuding Lion Mountain

Wuding Lion MountainWuding Lion Rock Scenic 88 km from Kunming, the main peak of 2419.8 meters above sea level, with an average annual temperature of 13.2 ¡ã C, winter cold, summer heat. Is a mountain lake a Qing as the main financial landscapes, heritage, cultural geology, ethnic customs as one of the scenic spots. The total area of 166 square kilometers, is divided into four patches. Kunming Chuxiong Dinosaur Fossils Discovery Tour

Wuding Lion is known as the first mountain west, said the mountains is dangerous, where they stand in the winding hills of, like a dominating and visual lion. Qing valley deep in the mountains, lush forests, with a number of rare birds and animals play in the meantime. In the cliff steeply in a historic stone steps along the twists and turns on the mountain, there are many attractions along the way, there is Pan Li Qiu Jin 's welcoming song, there is sheer breathtaking view of Japan Pavilion, there are smugglers rock rough shape, there are two shoots Sam Rainsy shaded peak, there are mysterious seductive Cave, has deep insurance odd nine of the Yellow River, pipa, as well as artificial polish elegant environment ceremony bucket Court, crescent pond. These attractions are found in between the steep cliff, bring people to a wonderful world. Whenever the weather is sunny morning, there is always a lot of tourists come to the Sunrise Pavilion, watching Lion sunrise. Sunrise mountain plateau, own some fascinating sight.

Lion peak elevation of 2452 meters, with Wuding county elevation of 680 meters. Starting from the town, and just a few kilometers on the winding, one pleasant fresh air blowing, it is refreshing. Lion scenic surroundings utterly different, as if the surrounding hills and surrounded by mountains with a party paradise. Scenic 12 km from east to west, north and south 8 km wide, with a total area of 0.78 acres, surrounded by permanent legislation pillar. May 7, 1982, the Standing Committee approved Chuxiong Lion for the state -level nature reserve, the main object of protection humid subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest. Protected areas of forest cover was 42%, which is Castanopsis Yuanjiang, Yunnan glauca ecological communities. Lion rich in plant species, a total of 86 families, 165 are 214 kinds. Lion Nature Reserve in place for maintaining ecological balance, water conservation plays an important role.

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