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Home >> Jade Dragon Temple travel information and tours

Jade Dragon Temple

Jade Dragon TempleJade Dragon Temple is located at 2.5 km east of the city of Bristol, the Ming and Qing famous Buddhist shrine, where convenient transportation and pleasant weather, is the ideal place for recreation. This square shaded by towering Lam pagoda, surrounded by mountains optical connection, one bird noises, people unknowingly entered Chanzao forest more quiet, more secluded mountain birds of Poetry.

Jade Dragon Mountains in Sihou half marsh, two gully stone sinus out springs, such as beads tired down there if the spray jade, Luoyang is one of the eight, so there Jade Dragon Flaming Pearl said. Although there is no red tile here, cornices painting houses, there is the beauty of the world off from the dust, insect called the birds during the day, at night the frogs and downs, most people are comfortable air here, even in the dry season, the wind is high, that verdant valley surrounded by the overflow of the air is wet wet ....... Ancient Cloudland occasion, peak back as jade dragon. Quan Liu tired beads drop, liquid rinse Shi Zhengrong. Gok Wan Han wave bottom, two Hong east around the temple. Luo Yang spots throughout, this is the first case. This is a tourist dynasty years of Mr. Yang Zhongbi Jade Dragon sihou stay in Yunnan trips wonderful swim quatrains.

Temple, a quiet valley, Lin Quan Jie Ling Jun Cloudland, 600 years old trees peacock cedar chest, more than 100 years ago, has been leisurely vine wrapped around a tree in front, in the hillside, dense woods, stone weird, there is a neat limestone, moss clouds, secluded Qing deep, people might feel lamented Mother Nature. Between the rugged hillside trails to reach the summit, vistas, panoramic view of the town's downtown scene Pitt, 139,130 stand tall, Luo times spa distant sea, this magical, secluded virgin is playing its light and heat.

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