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Home >> Yunnan Yuhuangge Pavilion tourist guide

Yuhuangge Pavilion

Yuhuangge PavilionBaoshan Yuhuangge mountainside west in the right CPIC mountain. The Court Ming Hongwu years, three-layer construction eaves brackets by 36 tall cylindrical support beams are all top brackets, gradually folded up into a gossip-shaped, to the roof of Taiji diagram. Department of golden glazed roof paved appearance cornices, looks dignified and generous, imposing. Building with beautiful murals, clay sculpture and reliefs, there are two booths one front, there are three large, leafy green tree, next to a too pure in Wonderland, Emperor Xuan concept, Wenchang Palace and other buildings, as Baoshan one of Eight. Very mysterious is the second layer of the pavilion there is a plaque hanging from the front is sincere interest Zhu yellow characters; from the left to see a flamboyant red green characters; see from the right is Hoi Heqing brown red characters, in fact, in the odd- odd, so far no one can say where the secret, fully reflects the wisdom of the ancient working people.

Yuhuangge each built around an octagonal pavilion -style bell, also known as the whole truth floor, Ming Xu big trip to Baoshan had places in the building. Yunnan tours to Yuhuangge now Baoshan City Museum, is a provincial key cultural relics protection units. Its stately Transcendence momentum, extremely sophisticated building technology is impressive, indeed ancient Southwest Silk Road of the ancient city of a glorious, gorgeous architectural treasures. Yuhuangge Baoshan City Museum was once the seat. Later changed venues for religious activities, is now the location of Longyang District Road Association.

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