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Home >> Taibao Mountain sightseeing tour

Taibao Mountain

Taibao MountainUnder the East rising sun, the main street in Baoshan City Xiu Bao route east to west gradually increased, pregnant with beauty Taibao East Mountain, Paul Xiu Road, then continued around the clock without audible only be perceived as the pulse of the mountain, the mountain the pulse is from the Taibao mountain spewing out of the layers of stone steps. Taibao Mountain is located in Baoshan west elevation of 2257.3 meters, and the relative height of the city is 580 meters, before the Ming Dynasty, because of the mountains and more loose and called Matsuyama, later renamed Jiajing Taibao Hill. Hongwu years, Taibao mountain was once the ancient city walls of the ring to become a city of the mountain, and today, the ancient city walls had become a low earth wall, but Taibao mountains of the ancient city of Rye is still alive, has been Baoshan city has become a forest park.

Taibao Hill is located in Longyang District Baoshan City, China tour to Yunnan Province, west, or called Taibao Hill Park. There are other attractions in the south - Yi Luo pool. Park is located at the end of the main avenue Paul Xiu Road, westbound 20 minutes, is an area of 1,500 acres of Forest Park. Admission is free, sooner or later the public workout, the best place to relax the spirit. 90% forest cover, covered with pine, fir, chestnut and other towering trees, a beautiful environment, fresh air. Park gate hung a couplet says: Pro Xiu early climb, with its winding streets, listening to bird fight noise, one thousand ares Greenfield outer ring; leaning welcome bright moon night, near squid Nongying, watching the stars hanging, a lighted dance world. Better describes the couplet mountain boarding Taibao see views. Along more than 700 steps to reach the summit -level view of the city kiosks, Baoshan Baoshan City and a panoramic view of the dam, it is refreshing. Peak is a field of 50 acres of Ohira, Southwest has built the second largest Temple, commemorating the Three Kingdoms Zhuge Liang. Construction is now at the top of the sports fitness equipment and badminton courts, recreational facilities, a cheer, a good place close to nature.

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