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Home >> Heshun Ancient Town trips and travel guide

Heshun Ancient Town

Heshun Ancient TownHeshun ancient town located 3 km southwest of Tengchong County, Yunnan Province, the ancient name of the lukewarm sun, because the territory of a river around the village, renamed along the river, after taking disabilities and people along, meaning, ya rolls into town.

The town house from east to west, mountains and built, gradually ascending, stretching twenty-three km. A seat temple, shrine, ancient Ming and Qing sparsely around this small dam. Plains Township ago, around the village stream, willow brush shore, Xiahe reflect on, Kim fragrance, people linger, Acting Prime Minister of Republic of China Li Genyuan a poem in praise rolls: must win small Jervois.

Cis Central Plains culture and culture in South Asia, Southeast Asia and culture, a window of Western culture collide, contains smooth harmony in the best state. Here stands the largest collection of rural libraries nationwide; traditional houses here are more than a thousand seats, which houses more than a hundred buildings in the Qing Dynasty, called classic, known as a living fossil of ancient Chinese architecture; where you can experience the emblem Fenqiangdaiwa charm school building, you can enjoy the southern town bridges shadows, you can also find the Western architecture, architectural elements in South Asia. Inch Ancestral South Asian style doors, windows Ai Continental House, the curved floor sub houses of the British iron, both with Tetraena five yards, three bedrooms one screen like a perfect fit Yunnan blend of ancient houses. Laundry Pavilion, a large platform, always unique doors and other ancient buildings in the ancient town in the country. Eight well-preserved temples, genealogy and clan activities has spread. Seven temples, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism coexist. All roads here are used volcanic stone courtyard wall base inlay puzzle together, simple and elegant.

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