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Home >> China Tour >> Yunnan Tours >> Yunnan Photography Tour >> Photo Tour Package Travel To Jianshui & Yuanyang Terraced Fields
Jianshui and Yuanyang

5 Days China Yunnan Photography Tour: Kunming, Jianshui, Yuanyang

Tour Code: FTO_06
Destination: Kunming, Yuanyang, Jianshui

1. Tour Itinerary

Day 01 Arrival In Kunming
Upon your arrival, our guide will meet you at Kunming airport or train station and transfer to your hotel. If time permits, we offer 5 options for today's tour:
1. Tour to the Dragon Gate in Western Hills.
2. Tour to Haigeng Park by the Dianchi Lake, where you will enjoy the nice view of the lake and see many seagulls.
3. Tour to Golden Temple.
4. Tour to Bamboo Monastery.
5. Explore Green Lake Park, the Bird-Flower Market and Golden Horse & Green Phoenix Archway.

Western Hills: Located at the west bank of the Dianchi Lake, it is a range of five mountains well covered by evergreen woods stretching over 40 kilometers and over 2,500 meters above sea level, perfect for hiking. The Dragon Gate is near the top of the mountain; it is a group of grottoes, sculptures, corridors and pavilions that were hacked from the cliff between 1781 and 1835 by a Taoist monk and co-workers.
Dianchi Lake: The lake covers 300 square km and extending 40 km from north to south. The western side of the Dianchi Lake is covered by mountain forest, while the eastern side is dotted with the fisheries and agribusinesses. This ocean-like lake is indeed the best place to go for those people who wish to get away from the bustling city and be close to nature.
Bamboo Monastery: A Tang Dynasty (618-907 A.D.) Buddhist temple known for its 500 colored clay statues of Arhats. The quiet and tastefully laid out temple is surrounded by verdant woods and green bamboos affording crisp and cool air. The present Bamboo temple was rebuilt in the Guangxu Era (1833 to 1890) in Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).
Golden Temple: A famous Taoist temple located on the Mingfeng Hill. The temple was first constructed in 1602 during the Ming Dynasty. The main building of the Golden Temple is entirely built from bronze, weighing about 280 tons.

Day 02
Kunming - Stone Forest - Yuanyang (Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner)
After breakfast, travel 90 KM to Lunan County and explore the Stone Forest. Travel to Yuanyang in the afternoon (246 km, 4 hours' driving).

Stone Forest: Located 120 kilometers southeast of Kunming, the Stone Forest is a typical karst formation covering an area of more than 350 square kilometers. In 2007, it is listed as World Natural Heritage. Walking inside the forest, you will find a wonderland consists of innumerable huge rocks of fantastic shapes.
Day 03

Yuanyang (Breakfast + Lunch)
Enjoy a spectacular view from scenic mountain terraces at Duoyishu Village. Then visit Qingkou Village where the inhabitants are the ethnic Hani people. After that, take sunset photos in Laohuzui Terraced Fields.

Yuanyang Terraced Fields: One of the best places for photography in China, is located in southern Yunnan. The best time to visit the magnificent terraced rice fields is during February and March. This is when villagers water the terraces in preparation for ploughing. The water in the fields reflects the sunshine and creates many colors. Yet, the terraced fields also have seasonal beauty. In September, when the rice is ripe, the mountains turn a golden yellow color.

Yuanyang Terraced Fields
Yuanyang Terraced Fields

Hani kids
Hani kids

Day 04

Yuanyang - Jianshui (Breakfast + Lunch)
Get up early and catch the sunrise on terraced fields in Yuanyang, or explore a local market, do a bit more landscape photography and portraiture. Drive 80km to Jianshui. Visit and shoot the Zhu Family's Garden and the Confucian Temple.

Zhu Family's Garden: A precious historical and cultural heritage of Jianshui County, is a classical Chinese-style garden that combines architectural art of Han people and ethnic people in local. There are dozens of courtyards in the garden, all of which are flanked by intricately detailed wooden rooms as well as formal gardens.

Yuanyang Terraced Fields
Yuanyang Terraced Fields

Hani woman
Hani womam

Zhu Family's Garden
Zhu Family's Garden

Zhu Family's Garden
Zhu Family's Garden

Day 05

Jianshui - Kunming (Breakfast + Lunch)
Shoot the Twin Dragon Bridge and the Chaoyang Gate Tower. Depart Jianshui and return to Kunming (209 km, 3.5 hours). A transfer to the airport for flight departing Kunming. Bon Voyage!

Twin Dragon Bridge
Twin Dragon Bridge

2. Hotels For The Above Trip

City Luxury Standard Comfortable
Kunming Green Lake Hotel
Kunming Hotel
Jixie Hotel
Jianshui Zhu Family's Garden
Zhu Family's Garden
Zhu Family's Garden
Yuanyang Yunti Hotel
Yunti Hotel
Yunti Hotel

3. Tour Price

Please send us an email and provide the information below so that we can quote precisely for the above tour.
1. The number of adults and the number of children in your party. If there are children under 12 years, they can enjoy the preferential price.
2. Your approximate travel date.
3. The code of the tour that you are interested in. Each tour has a code, you can find it above - at the top of the page where the tour is.
4. Hotel choice for your tour (luxury or standard or comfortable hotels).
5. If you would like us to tailor make a new tour for you that is different from the above tour, please let us know your requests.

4. Quotation Inclusions:

1. Hotel Accommodation
The hotel is based on two adults sharing one twin or double standard room with private facilities. Solo travelers or those who want to occupy one twin-bed room of their own are required to pay additional charge of single supplement rate. A single room is subject to availability based on prior request at an additional cost; if the above recommended hotel is not available, it will be substituted by a similar one.
2. Meals
Daily American or Chinese breakfast at the hotel, Chinese lunch or dinner in local Chinese restaurant as specified in the itinerary.
3. Private Transport
Private transport between airport / railway station and hotel and all the sightseeing spots by air-conditioned vehicle. Separate arrivals and departures will incur extra charges.
4. Transportation Between Cities
The economic class air tickets of the domestic flight or soft berth/seat train tickets between cities as specified in the above itinerary. Airport construction fee and fuel surcharge are included.
5. Entrance Tickets
The main entrance tickets for the sightseeing spots mentioned.
6. Driver And Guiding Service
Driver and English-speaking guide service on normal sightseeing activities noted in the itinerary. Our guide will not fly with you from one city to another. Upon your arrival at each city, a new local guide and driver will pick you up, be with you for local tour and see you off after you finish the itinerary of each city.
7. Insurance
China Life Tourist Accident / Casualty Insurance. We highly recommend that you purchase full coverage travel insurance from you country of origin.

5. Quotation Exclusions:

1. Visa Fees
Charge of obtaining your visa to enter China.
2. Charge Of Arrival And Departure
The international or domestic air / train charge of arrival and departure.
3. Single Room Supplement
Should a twin room is needed by a single guest, supplement of the twin room will be charged.
What is single supplement?- The hotel is based on double occupancy. If the visitor travels alone or the number of the travelers is odd (such as 3, 5, 7...), who stays in one single room has to pay the single room supplement. As the hotel is on double occupancy.
4. Personal Expenses
Expenses of a personal nature such as laundry, drinks, fax, telephone call, optional activities or sightseeing, overweight baggage charges or any meals not specified in the itinerary, ect.
5. Optional Programs
Optional programs which are not specified in the above itinerary.
6. Tips
Tips depending on the service of your guide and driver, entirely voluntary.
7. Extra Cost
Any extra cost caused by changes of natural disasters, fires, weather, governmental and local authority orders, political change, strikes, war, riots, quarantine, custom regulations, damages or injury caused by accident beyond the control of us and that has incurred due to the tourist action violating the laws.


Stone Forest
Stone Forest
Yuanyang Rice Terraces
Yuanyang Rice Terraces
Hani kids
Hani kids
Yuanyang Rice Terraces
Yuanyang Rice Terraces
Hani girls
Hani girls
Chaoyang Tower
Chaoyang Tower, Jianshui
Confucian Temple
Confucian Temple, Jianshui
Twin Dragon Bridge
Twin Dragon Bridge
Zhu Family's Garden
Zhu Family's Garden
Zhu Family's Garden
Zhu Family's Garden
Zhu Family's Garden
Zhu Family's Garden
Zhu Family's Garden
Zhu Family's Garden
Zhu Family's Garden
Zhu Family's Garden
Zhu Family's Garden
Zhu Family's Garden
Zhu Family's Garden
Zhu Family's Garden
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