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Home >> China Tour >> Yunnan Tours >> Lijiang Tour >> Lijiang Trips Package Travel To Luguhu Lake

Lijiang Tour To Lugu Lake

Luguhu Lake, Lijiang
Luguhu Lake, Yunnan
Mosuo people, Luguhu Lake

Lugu Lake lies among the lofty and precipitous mountains of Ninglang Yi Autonomous County in Lijiang and Yanyuan County in Sichuan. It is 72 kilometers away from Ninglang County. Lugu Lake covers an area of 52 square kilometers, with an average depth of 45 meters; the deepest point is 93 meters. It is the second deepest lake in Yunnan. The lake runs eastward into Yalong and Jinsha Rivers, which are part of the Yangtze River system. The lake has 5 islands, three of which, Liwubi, Heiwawu, and Lige, belong to Yunnan Province (the other two belong to Sichuan Province). Because they attract lots of tourists, they are called "Three Islands of Penglai".

The lakeshore is inhabited by Mosuo people, a branch of Naxi ethnic minority. These people still retain some parts of their earlier matriarchal society. Men and women are not united by wedlock; they instead live in their mothers' home. When they grow up, men spend the night staying in the women's home. They call their partners "Azhu", which means "intimate companion", but never husband or wife. Females play a predominant role and are the head of a family. All family members are descendants of the same matriarchal-lineage. For this reason, Lugu Lake area is called "A kingdom of daughters", which is quite rare in the world.

The 3,800-meter-high Gemu Goddess Mountain on the north lakeshore is a beautiful sacred mountain for the Mosuo people. Every year on July 25th, acconling to the lunar calendar, the Mosuo people hold a grand pilgrimage to the mountain. Lugu Lake is now a provincial tourist area.

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